Shark News you can use! June 13

Good morning Shark Parents! 


Some quick updates for Thursday June 13th.


Thank you to those who participated on Picture Night.  Here is a link to the Photography folks.  If you have questions, please ask them.


Fenton vs. Ballwin Swimmer times have been posted.  or can be downloaded to Excel. We are still waiting for the full meet results and will post them on this page when we get them.


Don't forget about Friday morning practices.  They are available to you if you like.  I'm at morning practice today and I count 10 swimmers in the water… great for one on one time with the coaches. 

  • 7:00 -8:00 am for 10 year olds and younger   Please arrive 15 min. early.
  • 8:00 -9:00 am for 11 year olds and older.  Please arrive 15 min. early


PLEASE let us know if your swimmers will be attending the upcoming meets.  The sooner we have this data the more accurate and smooth our meets will go.  (If you have worked the bullpen you know what I mean). :)  

    To do this go to the home page and click on Attend/Decline for the remaining 4 meets, prelims, and finals so Coach Jeremy can create an accurate roster.  You need to click on your swimmers name for each event and choose the Yes, Please Sign me up or No, Thanks. 


The OnDeck software for the iPhone and Android is pretty cool!   This is the easiest way to track the data for your swimmers.   Click on this link from your phone and install the software.  Our team alias is: recslfssdtmo


We are working on the stop watches.  Trying new batteries and working to replace the bad watches.  Sorry about that timers, but we should be set for next week.


We are also working to get some working bull horns for our next meet.  Can you believe that is next Tuesday already? 


If you see room for improvement, please let us know!  Also if issues/concerns come up during a meet please try to find one of the parent reps so we can let the coaches focus on our swimmers. 


Michelle Adams, Cris Deeter, Sherry Brindell


Again, thank you for all that you do as parents to make our team a success! 


Your Coaches & Parent Reps