News from Coach Manon!


Dear Cheshire Swimming Family:


Great job today to all swimmers and parents/volunteers at time trials.


As we start the summer season practice schedule and our regular season swim meets, here are few Flying Fish reminders:


Practice Schedule for the week of June 18-21


7:30 AM – 8:25 AM – 11 and Over Swimmers

8:30 AM – 9:25 AM – 10 and Under Swimmers

8:00 PM – 8:55 PM – Evening Practice for Summer School/Camp Swimmers



Stroke Clinics (Sign-Up Book Available at ALL Practices)

Stroke clinics will be held from 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The cost is $3 (non-refundable) – and payment must be made at the time of sign up.  Stroke clinics are open to all swimmers 7 and over; limited to 12 swimmers; swimmer specific stroke technique needs will be addressed during the clinic.


Swim Meet Sign OUT

ALL SWIMMERS WILL BE ENTERED IN EACH SWIM MEET UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN SIGNED OUT IN THE BOOK (AT THE POOL DURING PRACTICES) OR SELECTED DECLINE ON THE TEAM WEBSITE BY 9:30 AM WEDNESDAY MORNING PRIOR TO THE MEET In case of an emergency (last minute illness or other unforeseen event) please call, text or e-mail Coach Manon Romash – (757) 439-0338 (cell) or [email protected].  Please do not assume the message has been received unless you receive a confirmation reply.


Swim Meet Reminders

  1.  Team Uniform is to be worn at meets – team suit and team cap are the only acceptable items to be worn for competition.
  2.  During meets, parents are responsible for their swimmers.  Swimmers are to remain off of the play areas and out of the baby pool during the meet.
  3.  ALL swimmers are to stay for the duration of the swim meet.  Swimmers will be allowed to leave at the completion of event #69.  (Just like a football, basketball, or soccer game – half the team does not get to leave at halftime while their team mates finish the game.)
  4. Swim Meet – JUNE 22 – Swimmers are to check in by 7:00 AM.  Warm-ups begin at 7:15 AM.  Meet begins at 8:00 AM.


Let’s Go Flying Fish!!!