Volunteer Update for First Home Meet

Hello again Flying Fish families!  Tonight I updated the volunteers on the website.  I added a couple of people who had signed up for jobs during registration.  Please check the website to make sure you are signed up correctly.  An easy way to check is to run a jobs report on your family.  It is very easy.  Go to "Events," click on "Reports," and then run a "Job Sign Up Report for My Account."  You will be able to tell exactly what you signed up for so far for the whole season...Also, SEVERAL ADDITIONAL VOLUNTEER POSITIONS HAVE BEEN ADDED.  At the request of the concession coordinators I added two (2) additional volunteer slots per half and I added CONCESSIONS: BRING PASTA and CONCESSIONS: BRING FRUIT contributions to the volunteer list.  I also added another slot for ZOOKEEPERS.  So, if you have not signed up to volunteer yet, please do so as soon as possible or send me an email and I will do it for you.  Thanks!  Tina