Hello Team!

Congratulations on winning our first meet of the season!  Brunswick had 86 swimmers and we had 87, so it was a good match-up.   I’m proud of how well you all swam.  I am most proud of those swimmers who attempted to do the things we have been working on in practice, like freestyle & backstroke flip turns.  Please note, when we are at swim meets Braddock Heights swim caps should be worn.  If you have another kind of cap, please don’t wear it during races, unless it’s a plain cap in our team colors.  Silicone team caps are available to purchase from Michelle Baird, and I’m working on finding some of the cheaper latex caps for those who prefer them.  Let’s show our team pride at our next meet at Whittier!

This week we will be working on freestyle endurance as well as a different stroke every day.  We are beginning our night practices from 8:15 – 9pm for those who have camps or other obligations in the mornings.  Please sign up with me in advance for the evening practices (via email or tell me at practice) so I can have them well-staffed.  Remember to sign up for Saturday's Whittier Swim Meet by  NOON on Tuesday – ignore the computer-generated notice that will tell you midnight.  smiley

Congratulations to last week’s Swimmers of the Week:  Ava Wilson, Blake Smullen, Audrey Rudy & Michael Harris.  These swimmers will have their pictures posted for the week in the team display case by the men’s changing room.  They also received a t-shirt given ONLY to those who earn Swimmer of the Week.

Coach Casey says: Since I missed last week because of a math conference, I was looking forward to coming back and seeing everyone.  I was very excited abut the improvements that people were making with their strokes.  There were a lot of good streamlines.  I look forward to working with you all this week!

Coach Chelsea says:  I’m really excited about how fast everyone swam, and I can’t wait to see how everyone improves over the season.

Coach Kameryn says:  It was an amazing first meet!  I’m really excited abut the potential of all the young swimmers in the meets to come.  There was lots of great enthusiasm and we all had a fun time.

Coach Oksana says:  I’m really proud of how hard everybody worked, and how enthusiastic you were to get into the pool and swim!


All-Star Qualifiers:    These swimmers beat the Time Standard required to attend the All-Star Meet on July 27:

Lizzie Brown    50 FR

Campbell Caldwell 25 FLY

Reilly Caldwell 100 IM, 100 FR & 50 FLY

Raegan Corcoran 50 FR, 50 BR

Olivia Edsall 50 BR

Thomas Hartinger 25 FR, 25 BK & 25 FLY

Julia Heckler 50 FR

Cyrus McCutcheon 25 FR

Tyler Sheppard 50 FR, 50 BR

Peyton Weaver 50 FR

Ava Wilson 25 FR

Good Job, swimmers!!  Go Barracudas!

Coach Holly