Shark News you can use! June 24th


Good afternoon!  Our next meet is Thursday at home against Sunset Hills.  Following quickly behind that meet is next Monday July 1st at home against Chesterfield.  Here are some things you can do to help us have a smooth meet.


  1. Attend/Decline:WE NEED TO KNOW TODAY!  Our roster needs to be complete 3 days prior to a meet.   It is a lot of paperwork to pull off a meet so the more accurate we are the easier it is.  We need to know if your swimmers are going to be at the meet.  For those that completed this work, thank you!  For the 86 swimmers we still need to know about.  Please take a moment to do this.  Nothing wastes more time than looking for swimmers that are not at the meet.  With 230 kids on our team this is the single easiest way to help us run an efficient meet.
    1. Ok so how do I do this?  Do not reply to us with an email.  Please just follow these instructions:
  2. Swimmer Check-In / Worker Check-In: When you get to the pool and get situated, please check in.  We will be located….. At the top of the stairs to the competition pool.  Swimmers not checked in will be scratched from the meet.
  3. Location on the Pool Deck:We will be on the concrete for our home meets. No more grass/bugs/excursions into the woods!  We have learned from that lesson.  However we will be on hot concrete so plan accordingly with flip flops and ways to stay cool.  Even on the pool deck the mosquitos are out so you may want to pack some bug spray.
    1. Home team will be at the top of the steps from the competition pool to the right under the big umbrellas.  Please talk to your kids about respecting pool property so the team does not have to pay for broken chairs or worse a broken umbrella.  We need to be very careful with this. 
    2. Away team will be in the circular area up from the pool and under the slide.  I'm still trying to find out if they can go over the bridge for more space. 
  4. Please Arrive Early! - Ideal arrival time is 4:45. Swimmers are in the water for warm ups at 5:15, timer training 5:30.  Parking lot will run out of spaces by 5:10.  Auxiliary parking will be down the hill and in the industrial court. 
  5. 3 Work Assignments- If you have not already picked 3 work assignments, please let the worker checking person  know if you can sub when you check in your swimmers.  Having some subs last week at Ellisville worked great!  
  6. Bullpen:  We only have 6 lanes and a very tight space to work with.  Please make sure the swimmers you bring to the pool are taken directly to the lane they need to swim in.  Teenagers probably have this figured out, but we need to help out lane directors by doing a hand off with them so they know the child is there and in the right chair for their event/heat.  Doing this efficiently will speed up the meet. 
  7. Lights:We have gone dark in years past and have worked with RiverChase to ensure this will not happen again.  If it does, we have a procedure to get the lights back on.  Everyone did a great job at Ellisville when this happened. Thank you!
  8. Steps:The steps to the competition pool will be open during our meet.  They are closed now to protect anyone who should happen to fall towards the pipes.  It is dangerous.  During the meet let's make sure no one is goofing around in that area. 
  9. Singing of the National Anthem: We have a very talented singer who will be kicking our home meets off in style with a singing of the National Anthem. Please stop for a minute and remember the freedom that we all share in this great country and those who fought for us so we can enjoy this meet together.  Teaching our kids this respect may be the best thing we do all night, and they learn that respect by our example.  :)


That's it for the meet.  A gentle reminder for anyone who did not hand in a $150 deposit check for their work assignments or $8 web site fee.  Please make sure to hand them to Cris Deeter, Sherry Brindell, or Michelle Adams.


Thanks you and looking forward to a win against Sunset Hills!

Your Coaches and Parent Reps.