SAC Updates


* Congrats to our swimmers on an outstanding effort in Saturday's hard fought meet at Camp Hill.  It came to down the free relays at the end of the meet, and we had just enough to edge Camp Hill by a score of 723-682.  Thank you family members for your volunteer efforts as well!  Meet results have been uploaded to your accounts and full meet results are attached to this weekly email.


* Practices this week continue at regular times.  Again, remember we are at SU for Friday's practice.


* Our next meet is this Saturday, June 29 at home against Red Lion.  Looks to be a huge meet as Red Lion is currently unbeaten and just upset Cumberland Valley on Saturday.  It'll be a great opportunity for us to get up and swim fast yet again!  Please sign up for this meet by Wednesday.  Swimmers will need to be dressed and on deck for warm-ups by 7:45am.  As always, please be sure to check in with Coach Jeff when you arrive.  


* I'll have the lineup for the Carlisle Invite and additional meet info sent out on Wednesday.  The Carlisle Invite is next Tuesday, July 2 at the Carlisle Swim Club.  As in years past, I'll be working to get all swimmers in 3 individual events and do my best to fill everyone in at least one relay.  Bring sunscreen...and ice baths for the coaches after their relay! :)


* Click here to schedule a private lesson with Coach Jeff at SU.  Afternoon and evening hours are available.


Notes from the SAC Board of Directors:


Parents as you know the high school doors remain locked at all times.  Coach has a key and opens the door about ten minutes before the first practice. If you arrive and are willing please take over opening the door for the next family.  The door should be watched and opened for swimmers until 10-15 min. after practice start time. If you are in the pool area around 9:50 and are willing please open the door for the families coming in for the 10:00 sessions. If you are coming for the 10:00 session and are willing volunteer to man the door so that the same parents don't end up doing it everyday.  It is also a good idea to get cell phone numbers of other parents in case you do get locked out.  Thanks for your cooperation and help with this.   Another option is to have one person go to the front of the building and enter through the office to open the door for others.


Our concession stand is an important part of our home swim meets as its profits go right back into the club. Carin Morris will be sending out an email about concession items need for Saturday's home meet.

We appreciate the food items donated (unless you paid for the opt out).  Please keep an eye out for the email and link to sign up.
Thanks and have a great week!!!