Shark News you can use! - June 26th


Really looking forward to our meet Thursday.  Here is a link to the heat sheets:


You can also see what your swimmers are doing online.  We had to make some last minute changes today because Sunset Hills is a much smaller team than ours. We have one of the smallest pools in the league so we will go right up to 10:30 on this meet. 


Swimmer Sign in: Please sign in when you get to the meet!


The layout:  Below is a layout of what will be where tomorrow.  Hope this helps. 


Meet Etiquette: So far we are doing great!  However now that we are at home there are some items that we should mention.  First the steps to the competition pool will be open to limit congestion.  This is a dangerous area due to the drop to the exposed pipes.  Please stop horseplay if you see it so we don't have to send anyone to first aid or worse.  Second, our kids will be under the umbrellas and around the chairs.  Please stop anyone climbing the umbrellas, abusing chairs, climbing the fence so we don't have to use team funds to repair the facilities. 


Work assignments.  We ask that you complete 3 work assignments.  To help with this, we have increase our substitute positions to 5, added heat sheet sales for Monday that I missed, and as of right now see the following openings available:


June 27th - Swimming - Substitute x3

July 1st - Diving - Announcer

July 1st - Swimming - Heat Sheet Sales x2, Substitute x5

July 9th - Swimming - Meet Coordinator, Substitute x3

Jul 12 (08:00 AM) - Diving - Judges x2

Jul 13 (08:00 AM) - Diving - Announcer, Judges x2

Jul 18 (05:00 PM) - Swimming Finals - Bullpen x6, Checkin tent x2, Conference Bullpen x2, Hospitality, Substitute x3, Timer


Last call for T-shirts!  Our order is going in tomorrow so please email us asap.  We will make sure to order extras. 


Sunday Practice!  We will have a special practice on Sunday just to get in a practice between swim meets. 

10 & Under 5-6pm

11 & Older 6-7pm


Thanks!  Go Sharks!

Your Coaches and Parent Reps