Shark News you can use! - June 27th


Great Swimmers and Great Parents!  Thank you!  Everyone did a great job to make sure we had a smooth and organized meet.  It is 8:39 and after event 37 the score is Fenton:200 Sunset Hills: 149!  Go Sharks!


A couple of items to note:

  1. No Friday morning practice!  I think everyone will be sufficiently wiped out after tonight so enjoy sleeping in! 
  2. Don't forget about Sunday evening practice we are adding before our next meet on Monday!
  3. Parents please sign in your swimmers when you get to the meet.  We had a lot of scrambling tonight to ensure everyone was here.  I know we can do better against Chesterfield here at home on Monday.


As always we welcome comments and strive to make this a great experience for everyone. 


Go Sharks!

Your Coaches and Parent Reps