Cheshire Forest at Greenbrier Country Club

Dear Flying Fish,

We are looking forward to our next away meet on Saturday at Greenbrier Country Club.  Please arrive no later than 7:15 to check in with the clerk of course.  Our warm ups will begin at 7:35 and the meet will begin at 8:00.

Greenbrier Country Club has a separate parking area on the left side of the club entrance.  If you have large items, feel free to let the parking attendant know, and they will let you through to drop off your items.  There will also be a shuttle available between the pool and parking area if you need assistance.

The pool deck is not large, but there should be room for some tents and chairs.  We will set up on the far side of the pool.

If you ordered personalized swim caps, I hope to have them on Saturday morning at the meet.  They are scheduled to arrive on Friday (tomorrow)...cross your fingers!

I will forward the meet entries when they are available.