July 1st �Ready for the Meet?


Good morning!  We have another great meet lined up for today.  Below you can find your heat sheet so you know what you are swimming and some tips for the day. Looking forward to another winner!


  1. Where can I find the heat sheet?
  2. I have a NT in my time space.  What does that mean?  First it means Not Timed.  This could be due to you not swimming the event before, not capturing your time because you were a sub, or we just messed up somehow and need to find your time.  We will work to improve this.
  3. DQ is disqualified for the event.  This could be due to numerous reasons only known to the referee, the DQ sheet he/she fills out, and ultimately coach Jeremy who receives those DQ sheets.  Our coaching staff will work with your swimmers to let them know what happened and how they can improve to avoid it again.
  4. Dress warm and pack extra clothes tonight.  The high is in the 70's today.  Great for parents, not so great for swimmers.  You will want extra towels 1 for each event to dry off with a nice towel, and extra clothes to stay warm.  


That's all for now!



Your Coaches and Parent Reps