As Coach Jack said in his earlier email, what a fun meet against Marinwood with such great sportsmanship!  A big thank you to those parents who stepped up to swim the parent relay and to Mike Tar for organizing everyone!   

Practice on 4th of July:  There will not be any practice on Thursday due to the holiday.

Practice this Friday: We have been asked if there will be practice on Friday and YES there will be.  If you are in town come on down! 

The Championship meet (Champs) is open to enter your kids into their favorite events.  In order to participate in Champs, you child will have needed to swim in two (2) dual meets during the season.  For those of you who have no idea what Champs is, this is the last meet of the season where all 10 teams in the MSL compete together.  The 10 and under swimmers swim in the morning beginning at 7:30am and the 11 and up swimmers begin swimming in the afternoon.  It is a lot of fun but there are a lot of people so it can be a little bit chaotic.  Please ask the team veterans if you have any questions.

LVST Team Tent at Champs: LVST has a team tent that everyone sits at, it is in an assigned area.  We are looking for volunteers to come to IVC on Friday evening to help set up the tent.  We need 5-6 strong people to help.  We also need 5-6 strong people to help to take the tent down on Saturday late afternoon.  There are no volunteer points to be earned, just a LOT of thank you’s.  Please let us know if you can help.

In addition, the Champs volunteer jobs are open as well.  Each family is required to take one job.

Have a great holiday!

Upcoming Events beginning the week of July 8 (more details will be coming):

Wednesday: 13 and up beach trip

Thursday: All age group Practice at IVC

Thursday: All age group Movie

Friday: Pancake Breakfast after each age group practice and sign making

Friday: 13 and up Shave Party

Saturday: Champs

Sunday: Awards Night, Pot Luck dinner, and slide show