Volunteer Update

Hello Flying Fish Families!  All the swim team families have been generous with volunteering your time this year. Thank you for all your help and support - you guys are awesome.....I have updated the website to allow sign ups for the Family Fun night.  We need a few volunteers for concessions and 6 timers.  We also need some families to bring ice cream toppings....Also, I tweaked the volunteer job sign- ups for the next two (2) swim meets.  I added two (2) slots for "Clerk of Course Helpers - Chairs."  Renee Jensrud has been our official "Clerk of Course" this year and she is doing a PHENOMENAL job.  But, we can help make all the jobs over at the clerk of course a lot easier for everyone if we provide the manpower needed to keep the kids organized.  Please consider signing up for this critical need.  Many hands make light work.  Thank you for all you do!  Tina