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Good morning!  Hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July Holiday!   First, my apologies for not reminding you about no practice this morning or evening.  It was not on the calendar, but a reminder never hurts.  So enjoy the weekend off!  Here is some more info to keep you in the loop.

  1. We do have practice Monday July 8th regular time.
  2. Our next meet is July 9th at Crestwood.  Please find directions to WhiteCliff here:
    2. Warning: They have a big pool, but a small parking lot!
  3. Work Assignment Remaining Openings:
    1. July 12th 2 diving judges
    2. July 13th 1 diving Announcer
    3. July 16th 2 Bullpen
    4. July 18th 6 Bullpen, 2 Check-In, 2 Conference Bullpen, 3 Substitute
  4. Are you Committed?  A HUGE request for our swimming parents.  If you have not already, please let us know if your swimmers will be at the remaining meet, prelims or finals.  Everyone goes to Prelims and we realize you may not qualify for Finals, but if you know for sure you can or cannot be there then we need to know.  Why? With 230 swimmers it is very hard to have a solid roster without this information.  Undeclared means we do not know if you can be there.  Our last meet had many last minute changes that added a lot of extra work.  Please help us to run a smooth meet by filling this info in if you have not already.
    1. To learn how to do this follow this link:
    2. Crestwood: 64 Undeclared
    3. Prelims 11 & Older:  174 Undeclared
    4. Prelims 10 & Under: 183 Undeclared
    5. Finals: 189 Undeclared


Have a great weekend!  Go Sharks!


Your Coaches and Parent Reps