Jonesboro Meet Pays off for 3 Hurricane's

The Hurricane’s get three new swimmers qualified for this Summers’s GAG’s (Georgia Age-Group States), as well as a couple of swimmers with additional qualifying times.


Getting Coach Cari’s coach teary eyes (GTE’s) going was Kristie Gramling (10) and Anna Beth Blankenship (9). Kristie made her first ever GAG’s in 3 events 50m, 100m, and 200m Freestyles. Anna Beth also making her first ever cut’s, qualifying in the 50m & 100m Breaststrokes.  Giving me CTE’s was Kaleigh Feger making her first GAG qualifying time in the 50m Freestyle.


Adding new cuts to their list were Madigan Starr (10) and Max Myers (11). Madigan will be ageing up to the 11 age-group at GAG’s  qualified in two additional events, 200m Backstroke & 100m Butterfly. Max added the 50m and 100m Breaststroke’s.


Currently our Championship Teams are as follows:


GAG’s July 18-21 @ Savannah, Ga.




10 & un:

Anna Beth Blankenship

Kristie Gramling

Lydia Myers


Brady Boudnik

Madison Park


11 – 12

Kaleigh Feger

Katheryn Livingston

Madigan Starr


Max Myers

Piero Orderique


13 – 14

Shannon Eshman

Ashlyn Steinbach


Chase Parker


Sr. Zone Championships July 29 – Aug. 2nd@ Plantation Florida


Josie Hadaway

Ashlyn Steinbach


Jacob Abeyta

J.D. Rousseau