Sign up your swimmer(s) for Classic or City ASAP!

Hello Shark Families!

NOW is the time to sign up your swimmer(s) for their Championship Meet:  Classic or City.  

You will have until this WEDNESDAY, JULY 10th to commit your swimmer(s) to either the Classic or City Meet.  This process is the same as committing your swimmer(s) to a dual meet.  You must sign in at, and commit your swimmer(s) to either the Classic or the City Meet. 

DON’T FORGET to click on “Save Changes” once you have made your selection.  If you do not, your selection will not be saved.

There will be 2 final meets that follow the Wednesday, July 10th deadline: the Girls Invitationals (July 11th), and our last Home Meet vs. White Eagle (July 13th).   If you decide to change your selection (from Classic to City or vice versa) after these final 2 meets, you will need to submit your changes via e-mail to:

[email protected] by 2:30 pm on Saturday, July13th.

This deadline will be STRICTLY upheld, with no exceptions.  Please respect all the hard work put in by those making the entries, and follow the deadlines precisely!

Finally, parents will be required to work a volunteer shift for the Meet (Classic or City) at which their swimmer(s) is(are) committed.  Details regarding volunteer sign-up for Classic/City will follow shortly. 

CLASSIC OR CITY:  That is the Question.

A few insights from Coach Greg regarding this important question: 


Hello sharks!

The season is coming to a close in the next few weeks!

I would like to share with you a couple of friendly reminders and tips on CLASSIC & CITY -- Classic and City are the two most important meets of the year.  Swimming is an endurance sport and is designed to get your best times at the last meet of the year.

The Saybrook general guideline is that all 6 and under swimmers attend the Classic meet even if they achieve city times in all races (6 and under is the only group that can have city times and swim at classic).  For all other swimmers (not 6 and under): If your child has achieved a city time, they cannot swim that event in a relay or individually at the classic meet.

 If your swimmer makes a city time in 1 event, it is your choice whether to swim city or classic, but remember you cannot swim that event in relays or individually at classic.

 If your swimmer makes a city time in 2 events, your swimmer should go to city.  Three events with city times or more, your swimmer should definitely swim at city.

I strongly encourage ALL kids to swim at city or classic.If you can't this year, then plan on being there next year, and the next year, and the next year, and every year until high school graduation J

Go Sharks! 

Thank you!