RESL Swim Meet is ON!

RESL: What Is Going On?


The Redwood Empire Swim League Championship is the most important meet of the year for 75% of our swimmers, and it is in danger of being canceled. Long story short: we were denied permission to run the meet in the Zone 3 (our area) due to a bureaucratic technicality and some petty politics, and we learned of the denial too late to make any other plans.


Well, almost too late.


With some 11th hour hustling this week, Coach Ken Demont of North Bay Aquatics was able to secure a Zone 2 pool - Contra Costa College - for the RESL champs, and he is highly motivated and committed to making sure that RESL goes off as planned. The problem is that we only have a week and a half to pull everything together. The great thing about RESLs is that it is a cooperative effort among all of the member teams, so we have tremendous human resources upon which to call.


That's where you come in. The RESL meet literally cannot run without your help.


The Napa Valley Swim Team is the largest team at RESLs, and we are the most experienced and proficient at running swim meets. We are therefore expected to contribute AT LEAST our fair share of manpower to the meet, so please, PLEASE be generous with your time, effort, and support for the meet when asked. Many of the teams are taking a "whatever it takes" approach to the meet to ensure its successful execution, and NVST can do no less. Yes, it will be a pain to hold the meet at Contra Costa College, and yes, we may have to do more work as a team than we had initially expected, but we should have the luxury of holding it in Napa from 2014 into the foreseeable future. We could certainly handle one more season of inconvenience to provide such a great opportunity for our swimmers.


We are in particular need of help delivering our timing equipment to the meet. If you have a vehicle that can transport the scoreboard and other timing equipment PLEASE contact

The meet is currently online and ready to enter on Swim Connection.
This is an ALL TEAM swim meet and we need EVERYONE to enter this meet ASAP! Absolutely NO late entries will be accepted! 
We are the current RESL Champs and we need each and every swimmer to enter and help retain our title! Help spread the word! Let's make sure we have a great turnout at the meet!
RESL Championships
July 19-21
Contra Costa College