Shark News you can use!


Good morning!  Well it is a bit gloomy and to add we did not win against Crestwood, but do not be discouraged because we have some good practices ahead of us before Prelims and Finals next week!


  1. Final Score: Crestwood 360 points Fenton 285
  2. Results are posted to the website.  Please click on the My Meet Results to see your times.  If your times show as NT or Not Timed please let us know so we can fix a problem we have been finding with your swimmers USA swim ID.
  3. Please commit to remaining Prelims and Finals. We must have our PreLim Roster complete and turned in by this FRIDAY.  We cannot make any changes after that.  How can you register for Prelims?  Follow this link:
  4. The Season End Banquet is in 2 Sundays!  We need a count of how many swimmers will be there for food!  Please go to the home page and click on Team Functions and then Attend/Decline or as you can see below Edit Commitment.  Just like committing to a meet.  Thank you for taking the time to do this so we can serve everyone for this event. 


Go Sharks!


Your Coaches and Parent Reps