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Good afternoon!  A couple of items for today…



  • Reminder: Practice tonight is for 11 & Older only 5:30-6:30.Pictures!  Well I finally created a site for pictures and uploaded ours.  Feel free to share yours as well and we will post the links. a gracious parent: will send out official heat sheets if we get them before tomorrow morning.  If we don't get them we will need to buy heat sheets at the pool. 
  • PreLims is at Manchester. Below is a picture of where things are to help out.  We will try to put a table where marked for Swimmer & Worker Checkin.
    1. Timing of events (my best guess based on prior experience):
      1. Worker Check-In 5:45 (mostly for check-in folks, other workers like timers, bullpen, etc will not begin until 7:30). 
      2. Swimmer checkin begins at 6am. 
      3. Swimmer warm-ups in the pool 6:20-7:30 (there are 4 teams that will sharing the pool so we don't know our exact time to start warm ups until we get there). 
      4. Timer/Lane Director / DQ judges on deck for orientation 7:30.
      5. Bullpen orientation begins at 7:30.
      6. Swimmers called (events 1-4) and taken to Conference Bullpen 7:45.
      7. Meet begins at 8:00.
  • Practice Monday evening is for 10 & Unders only and Prelims will follow the same schedule as above.
  • Tuesday Night Practice: Youngers & Older that made finals (and those who made relays) Normal time 7-9pm.
  • Wednesday Practice: No morning Practice, Youngers & Older that made finals (and those who made relays) Normal time 7-9pm.
  • Thursday Finals is at Webster.  Worker Check-in 4:30pm as normal, Swimmer Check-In at 5:00pm
    1. Location:
  • Cris will out of town for the 10 & Unders and likely the start of Finals.  My ask is if you see an area in need, please feel free to  help us keep things running efficiently.  We do not have any extra backup workers for finals so please help if you can.  Sherry will be doing what she can to help.  I'll be driving back from Kansas City. 
  • Picture of Manchester Layout:


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