CSL Newsletter (July 18 Addendum)

Hello Piranha parents!

I just have a few quick announcements as this week (and season!) draws to a close:

1) Swimmers who are competing in this Saturday's meet will be posted tomorrow on the pool deck as usual. Please check to see if your swimmer is competing in this final meet.

2) The list of swimmers going to Divisionals will be released by this Sunday evening. It will go out as an email.

3) The practice schedule will change next week as we focus on preparing those swimmers for Divisionals. All Piranhas are welcome to attend these practices, but the times will be different and the drills will be geared toward Divisional preparation. If your child is going to Divisionals, (or if you choose to have your swimmer attend this extra week of practice), the schedule for next week will be:

8-9am: 11 and up

9-10am: 10 and under

4) The End-of-Season Awards Dinner is this Saturday at 6pm at the Southern Walk pool. In case of foul weather, we will send out emails and text messages to alert you of any cancellations/delays. In the event of cancellation, the rain date is this Sunday at 6pm at Southern Walk pool.

Hope to see you at the Awards Dinner this Saturday!