LCM State Championships: FINAL DAY
Team Splash finished State Championships with 433 points, a fourth place finish!  This is an amazing accomplishment for a small team like Splash.  It was truly a team effort with every single swimmer contributing to this accomplishment.  Everyone raced with such heart and determination.  The coaches taught, inspired, cajoled, and generally worked their voices raw.  They have brought this team so far.  And thanks to all the parents for their dedication and support.  Splash has the best parents in the world.
The key to Splash's success at States was their spirit.  The team cheered the loudest, encouraging those in the water to push themselves harder, and it had an empirical effect.  Swimmers bonded, and did their best for each other as much as themselves.   
A special thanks must go out to the swimmers who came just for the relays.  Attending States just to fill out the relay teams, these swimmers allowed Splash to field teams in almost every relay event and do well in them.  Without you, Splash's strong fourth place finish would not have been possible.
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