IMPORTANT Divisional Information


Well the season has flown by and it is finally time for the Divisional Meet!  Set up will begin immediately following the end of season party at 8pm.  If you have an extra pop-up canopy that can be used for the meet, please bring on Friday evening labeled with your name.  Here is some information for Saturday.


Warm-up times are as follows:


Lanes 1-3                              Lanes 4-6

            7:00 – 7:15                CHF                                        empty

            7:15 – 7:30                GCC                                       IL

            7:30 – 7:45                TBL                                         NYCC


There will be a meeting for the Clerk of Course volunteers at 7:15am at the scoring table (inside the pool area).  Please plan to attend this meeting as the flow is a little different from a normal meet.


The officials meeting will take place on the playground at 7:30 am.  Again, all volunteers for the meet should be at this meeting, unless their child is swimming only in the second half.  The Divisional Chair will start the meeting by welcoming all of the volunteers and introducing the Referee and Admin Referee.  Once Mike Ferguson GCC (Referee) has finished giving his talk to all volunteers, he and Dave Rose CHF (Admin Ref) will speak with the judges.  The meet will begin at 8:00 am.



There will be a warm-up period at half time for any swimmers swimming ONLY in the second half – we suggest they arrive by 9:30 am.  Swimmers who swam in the first half should NOT warm-up during this time.  There will also be a parent relay during half time – one relay team per division team.  In addition, the division place ribbons will be handed out at half time.


Cheshire Forest’s pool deck area is limited, so there will be no seating allowed on the pool deck except for coaches and swimmers.  Please make sure you set up your chairs outside of the pool deck, preferably in our team’s zoo area.  We will be setting up just outside of the pool area where our zoo is normally located.  Each event will be announced, and the parents of swimmers for that event are invited to walk into the pool area to stand and watch their child’s event.  After the event, parents should leave the pool deck so that the parents for the next event’s swimmers may watch their children. 


Restrooms are located in the pool area, and there will be two porta-potties on the east side of the pool past the playground.  Concessions will be available in back of the clubhouse. 


PARKING:  All visiting teams have designated areas to park their vehicles.  Cheshire Forest families are encouraged to walk or ride a bike to the meet as there will be limited parking space.  Bike parking will be located between the parking lot and playground/volleyball area.  There will be a drive-thru area in front of the clubhouse where swimmers/equipment can be dropped off.  Parking on the street (see map below) is assigned as:

GCC- Park on Sheffield Drive on the east side of the street (away from the pond), starting at Cheshire Forest Drive

IL- Park on Cheshire Forest Drive (both sides) from Sheffield Drive and going East/South East

NYCC- Park on Cheshire Forest Drive (both sides) from Sheffield Drive and going West/South West

TBL- Park on Sheffield Drive on the west side of the street (next to the pond), starting at Cheshire Forest Drive