All-Star Meet Info

All-Star Swimmers & Families,

The All-Star Meet is tomorrow at the Frederick High School pool.  Please make sure to relax today, and get a good night’s sleep tonight.   You have all been working so hard – here’s where it’s going to pay off!

Our warm-up is from 7:20 – 7:40 am in Lanes 5 - 6.  Please arrive early enough to be ready to get in the water at 7:20.  There will be a Braddock Heights area marked off on the lawn outside of the pool. Note:  stay out of the creek and away from the poison ivy around the trees (this means YOU, Cyrus & Graham!!).  smiley

New for this year is a Cross Walk for the swimmers to travel.  Swimmers should cross to the pool in that area.   Please use the correct entrances to the pool.  The door toward the Middle School will be a spectator entrance and swimmer exit.  The door toward the large stairs will be used for handicap access and clerked swimmer entrance.

At 8:30 am there is a Swimmer Parade.   Swimmers will line up beside our team sign near the jogging path.

 8:00 - Official’s Meeting   located by the swimmers clerking entrance

8:30 - Parade and American Anthem

8:50 (or end of parade) 1st ½ Timers Meeting located by the swimmers clerking entrance

9:00 Meet Starts

Event 27  2nd ½ Timers Meeting located by the swimmers clerking entrance

Half  Way After Event 30

Directions to FHS:  650 Carroll Parkway.  Take Alt 40 East to West Patrick St.  Turn left on W College Terrace, the left into the school.

Don’t forget your goggles, sunscreen and team spirit!

Swim Fast, Barracudas!!

Coach Holly