PNS Champ Meet Recap---GREAT JOB ESC


 Pacific Northwest Swimming Long Course Championships 2013

The Evergreen Swim Club swimmers competed the last four days at the PNS Long Course Champs held at the KCAC pool in Federal Way.   We scored 167 points to our team totals with an overall 23rd place finish.  Our swimmers posted fast times and as we left the pool last night, many folks were Fearing the Tree!!


Prelims--We began the meet with Alex Wright, Alex Linn, and Everett Werner competing in the Boys 13-14 200 IM.  All the boys were right on their best times.  In the boys 15& over 200 IM, Andrew and Tyler had 2 second time drops.  Camden Martin swam knocked a second from her 50 free for 32.58!  Alex Linn raced to a 26.90 in his 50 free which earned him a spot in the A final and a zone qualifying time. He dropped 2.60 in his 200 breast for a spot in the B final. In the 11-12 200 Breast, Naomi Reyes improved 5.25 seconds on her best time. In the 15&over 200 Breast, Andrew Wright knocked 3 seconds off his best for his first Senior Sectional Time Standard.  Tyler Sharp finished on his best 50 free time and posted a 6.51 second improvement in his 200 breast. In the 13-14 boys 800 free, Everett Werner swam 4.78 faster to a 10th place overall finish and Alex Wright had a 23.38 second drop for a 4th place overall finish.  Great first day swimmers!!!

Finals--Alex Linn represented our team at the finals with an 8th place finish in his 50 free and a 16th place finish in his 200 breast for the 13-14 boys!  Nice swim, Alex.



Prelims--Friday started with the boys 13-14 200 fly.  Alex Wright qualified for the B finals, Joe Carson swam 2.83 seconds faster, and Everett Werner posted a strong swim as well. In the 15& over, Tyler Sharp swam a great 200 fly. In the girl's 10& under 100 back, Lauren Wilson dropped 1.10 to earn an overall 16th place finish!  Brett Wilson qualified as a 2nd alternate after dropping 3.26 seconds in his 100 back. Hannah Barker dropped .32 in her 100 back which earned her a spot in the A final!  In the boys 13-14 100 back, Alex W earned a spot in the B finals after a 1.74 second drop while Everett dropped .56 for a lifetime best, and Joe Carson posted a best time as well.  Tyler Sharp dropped .61 seconds in his 100 back for another best time. In the 10 & under 100 free, Lauren dropped .48 seconds for a best time while Brett(11-12 boys) dropped 1.72 seconds for another best time and Hannah's 13-14 girls prelim 100 free time earned her a spot in the B final. Tyler dropped 2.81 in his 100 free for another personal best time and Lauren swam on her personal best in the girls 10& under 50 free.  In the boys 11-12 400 free, Brett dropped 18.76 seconds for a personal best!  Alex Wright dropped 1.65 seconds in his 400 free for an overall 13th place finish, Joe Carson knocked 29.28 seconds from his 400 free for another best time. As the second day wrapped up, we all said our tearful goodbyes to Lauralee and Joe and wished them all the best in their new Texan adventure!  We made a quick team trip to Jamba  Juice and prepared for Saturday night finals.

Finals---Alex Wright dropped another second to win the B finals with a 106.97 which met the  Western Zone Qualifying time standard.  Hannah Barker was on her best which earned her a 6th place overall finish in the girls 13-14 100 back and a best time in the 100 free moved her into an overall 12th place finish with a 1:03.74.  We met the half way point of the meet catching our stride with some very nice best times!



Prelims-- Our third day of competition began with the boys 11-12 200 back with Brett dropping 2.41 seconds and earning a spot in the B final which was a zone qualifying time!  Hannah swam on her best time which earned her a spot in the B final as well.  Alex W. dropped 2.44 seconds in his 200 back which earned him a spot in the B final, Everett dropped 2.90 seconds for a personal best.  In the 15&over 200 back, Andrew swam a personal best as did Tyler Sharp who dropped 7.09 seconds!  Naomi Reyes dropped 2.78 in her 100 breast with a best time in her 50 split(watch the Sunday results!).  Andrew swam 2.27 seconds faster in his 100 breast, just missing another Senior Sectional time standard while Tyler dropped another 3.52 seconds! In the 10&under 50 fly, Lauren was on her best time for an overall 10th place finish. In the 11-12 year olds, Camden Martin stayed strong in her 50 fly and Brett dropped .65 for another best time!  Lauren finished out her day 3 prelims with a 4.53 second drop in her 200 IM.  In the 400 IM(yes, that is 100fly,back,breast,and free),  Hannah Barker posted a best time with a 1.07 second drop while Brett swam 10.79 faster in his IM and Everett dropped 14.37 seconds for some amazing 400 IM's. We finished prelims feeling strong after our morning time drops!

Finals-- At Saturday night finals, we had Brett, Hannah and Alex W. competing in the 200 back.  Brett started off the night with a .99 second drop and grabbed an overall 14th place finish with a 2:46.05!  In the 13-14 girls 200 back, Hannah was right on her best with a 2:35.48 which earned her an 11th place overall finish!  Alex W's 200 back time won the B final with a 2:20.66 which was a 7.99 time drop from prelims, a zone qualifying time, the fastest 13 boy's time for 2013, and placed him 4th on the PNS 21st century top 16 time list.  We left the pool with some confidence which we continued to Sunday prelims!



Prelims--  We began our fourth day of competition with boys 11-12 200 free.  Brett led the way with a 5.33 second time drop in his event with William Christenson competing strongly at his first PNS Champs.  Hannah swam a strong 200 free which earned her a spot in the B final.  Alex Lin dropped 1.80 seconds for a best in his 200 free.  In the 10&under 100 fly, Lauren dropped 2.36 seconds for a best time and an overall  7th place finish. Alex W. dropped 2.15 seconds which earned him a spot in the B final, Everett swam a strong 100 fly, and Alex Lin dropped .04 for a best time. In the 50 back, Lauren was right on her best time as was Alexa Nooney in the 11-12 girls 50 back and Brett in the boys 11-12 50 back.  For the 11-12 girls, Alexa finished with a strong time in her 50 breast while Naomi dropped 1.83 seconds in her 50 breast with a 39.64 which earned her a spot in her first ever finals.  Let's just say that Naomi can jump--high--when she is excited!  In the 400 free event, Lauren swam a smoking 5:56.20 which earned her an overall 9th place finish for the 10&under girls.  In the girls 13-14 800 free, Hannah dropped 7.07 seconds earning a 9th place finish overall.  In the boys 13-14 1500(yes, this is the long course mile), Everett fought his way to an 8th place overall finish and a 21.49 time drop for an 18:57.23 while Alex dropped over a minute for a 3rd place overall finish and an 18:11.90.  Our swimmers swam hard races at the end of four solid days of competing and managed top 16 finishes which earned our club major points.  Nice job, swimmers!

Finals--Our finalists for the evening led the way with strong finishes in their events.  Hannah's strong 200 free earned her a 15th overall finish.  Alex dropped another .10 for a 15th place finish in the 100 fly and a 1:05.90.  Naomi proved that she could once again swim under a .40 in her 50 breast with an 11th place overall  finish in her 50 breast.


Congratulations to all of our swimmers who competed these last four days at Champs.  This meet hosted the very best swimmers from PNS.  We saw national records broken, along with US Open and Junior Nationals swimmers.  I even saw some college recruiters in the stands!  Every night, we sent swimmers to finals and ESC not just swam but we competed.  As we wrapup the season, please wish Hannah Barker good luck as she competes in a few weeks at the North America Challenge Cup swim meet.  Hannah will swim against swimmers from the South California, Pacific Swimming, the Mexico National Team, and the Canadian National Team.  Good luck, Hannah!