Day #4 @ Zones: Records and 100% LTB's continue



New Team Records total reaches 10 on day #4 of The Southern Senior Zone Championships.

Adding 2 new records was Josie Hadaway (15) in the 15-16 & Open women’s 100m Breaststroke with a time of 1:20.34 finishing 15thin the event.


J.D. Rousseau added another record in his 100m Breaststroke with a time of 1:12.42, finishing 23rd.


Our girls 400 Freestyle Relay breaks through with The Open Record with a time of 4:38.47.


The Teams pursuit of 100% Life Time Best swims for the meet continues as well.


Jacob Abeyta notices 2 LTB’s          

100m Back - 1:09.13 Best by 1.6 Seconds           400m Free  - 4:35.30 Best by 4+  Seconds


400 Free Relay Splits were all LTB’s

Josie      - 1:03.96 Best by 3 seconds

Liegh     - 1:07.53 Best by 1 second

Andie    - 1:15.38 Best by 1 tenth

Olivia     - 1:11.61 Best by 2 tenth


Today is the final day: Events


J.D.         200m IM and 50m Free

Josie      200m IM and 50m Free

Jacob     1500m Free

Girls       400m Medley Relay