Year-End Awards

Swimmers & Families,

If your family was unable to attend the picnic, you may not have received your team award.  Swimmers ages 10-younger all received a trophy, and 11-Older received a Braddock Heights Swim Team cinch bag.  I have left the awards in the Guard office.  The trophies are up on the shelf on the wall to the right of the front desk.  The bags are in the Team Awards box.  I also noticed a lot of people haven’t picked up their ribbons from some of the meets.  Please check the box if you are at the pool to be sure you are not missing an award.  Just ask a Lifeguard for the team box.  The following families have trophies or bags to pick up:


Boucher                     Lloyd                    

Cicmanec                  Pusey

Howard                      Rudy

Hoyt                            Sandler



Blum                          Finamore                           Rudy                     Stepler                     

Bromwell                  Hoyt                                     Runnells              Weltman

Buchanan                 Lautenberger                    Sandler                 Wornom

Cicmanec                 McLister                             Shirsekar              Weaver

Dent                           Pusey                                 Sigler


 * * If your name is on this list and you had already received the bag, or if your name is NOT on the list and you didn't get a bag, please let me know.

Thanks for a fun summer!  See you next year!

Coach Holly