Practices - swim meet - Swim-O-Rama

Saturday morning practice: for levels 3-4-5 is  6:00-7:30am at the Kroc center.

Swim meet:  We still have some jobs to be filled for the meet this weekend. plese look at the job sign-up list and find somewhere that you can help, whether it's actual time at the pool or a food donation, there are still plenty of empty spots. Remember you are responsible for 16 hours of volunteer service for the year, and this is the last regular meet we will be hosting before the end of the fiscal year (ends September 30th). 

warmup time for CAST swimmers who are in the meet is 6:45 each day

Swim-O-Rama: We have only one really big fundraiser every year. This is it!!! Kids swim on May 27th or 28th and the money is due by June 8th.

Don't wait!!!! This is your biggest opportunity to meet your annual fundraising commitment! And there are really awesome prizes for the kids.

Refer to the Events page---Swim-O-Rama  for more information.