Schedule changes for August!

Schedule Changes at Aqua Club

Lap Swim

Now that swim team is over for the season we can offer a little more time for our lap swimmers!  Starting Wednesday, August 7, Morning lap swim hours on Monday-Friday will be from 5:45 AM - 8:00 AM for the remainder of the year.

Baby Pool Access

Also, many have requested more time in the baby pool.  For the month of August, we are opening the baby pool at 10:30 AM and keeping it open until 9 PM.  We would like to give you fair warning, however, the baby pool’s chemical make-up has a tendency to shift wildly throughout the day, which mean there may be times the pool will have to be closed for 15-30 minutes while the staff gets things back on track.  Thank you for your understanding in these situations. 


Tennis Lessons:THIS WEEK ONLY!! Due to the tennis teams final tourney of the year, there will be no lessons on Wednesday, Aug. 7, but they will be made up on Friday, August 9. 

Have a great week!!

See you at the club,