14th Annual Motor City Mile
Thank you to all of the teams who participated in our 14th Annual  Motor  City  Mile and helped make it a successful event!
The award winners for this year's Speedo Team Purse are as follows:
Grand Prize Winner ($1200.00): Kingfish Aquatics of Waterford (126pts)
2nd Place ($750.00): Team Schmarlin (86pts)
3rd Place ($500.00): BBA-Atlantis (82pts)
A big thanks to Club Wolverine and Farmington Glen for also competing!
The aforementioned prize money has been deposited in team accounts at Different Strokes Swim Shop to be used towards Speedo merchandise.  Due to the uniqueness of this award, please be sure to contact myself or our other manager, Gretchen Neumeyer when placing an order to be used towards the prize money so we may bill it accordingly. 
Congratulations and thanks again to all the teams!
Thank you for your team's support of our 14th Annual  Motor  City  Mile and Congratulations!
Roxanne Kiger
Different Strokes Swim Shop
19651 Middlebelt Rd.
Livonia, MI  48152
248 477-0521 

Congratulations Kingfish-All that open water training paid off-literally :)
You can thank the following team members for winning the $1200.00 team purse.
Maria Arakelian
Nick Arakelian
Rebecca Arakelian
Rodolfo Aguilar
Ava Barnthouse
Cloe Barnthouse
Sean Brenneman
Amanda Close
Rudolfo Flores
Joe Girdler
Sydney Gubala
Emma Hazel
Patrick Olmsted
Katelyn Killewald
Brandon Korhonen
Jay Korhonen
Joe  Krause
Nathan Lazor
Robert Powrie
Sami Stelpflug
William Walker
Madison Wright
Allison Zalinski
Jacob Zalinski
Congratulations to our "honorary" KAW parent team members who swam the 1/2 mile, although not eligible for the purse, came out and raced on a great day!
Valerie Brenneman
Rodolfo Aguilar
James Barnthuse
The $1200.00 goes into our KAW team account at Different Strokes.  It is to be used on Speedo merchandise and equipment for the team.  Brad will decide what we need and do the ordering.
Congratulations again!