Welcome back to the 2013-2014 Season from the board


September, 2013

Dear Evergreen Swim Club Families,

Thank you for being a part of Evergreen Swim Club this year.  We also want to extend a special thanks to our members and families who supported the club this past year—both financially and with their energy.

Although we all pay monthly dues (yes, even board members and coaches’ kids), ESC’s operating costs exceed our income from monthly dues.  To provide great facility use and a strong coaching staff, we must supplement our income with funds generated by hosting swim meets at Evergreen.  This translates into food and volunteer time donations from our club members.  For example, someone who is able to donate a case of Gatorade may end up helping ESC earn $36 through meet concessions.  Those who help as timers, concession workers or safety marshals help generate club income through the meet entry fees we collect from other swim clubs. All in all, our members helped ESC earn approximately 25% of our operating expenses through home meets last year.  And, of course, this is on top of the excellent reputation our successful home swim meets create throughout the northwest swim community.  THANK YOU!!!

Additionally, we thank you for the positive attitudes projected daily towards our swimmers and coaches.  We look forward to an amazing year in ESC with our new head coach, Randy Trowbridge, and through many team-building opportunities, such as our Back to the Pool BBQ, an ESC Bowling Party, an ESC Swim Cap Exchange and an ESC Swimmer Dinner.

In conclusion, we encourage you to introduce yourself to the coaches (and other parents) at practice and meets.  The more we build our community… the stronger our club will be.

See you on the pool deck,

The ESC board:

Debbie Reyes, President                                  Tamarah Hoffman, Vice President of Competitions

Jane Lane, Treasurer                                      James Wright, Vice President of Development

Mike Middleton, Assistant Treasurer              Dena Barker, Social Chair/ Special Projects

Bruce Livingston, Communications                Corrie Martin, Registrar