Update - Age Group Western Zones

Great job by Taiyo Endo at the 2013 Western Zone Age Group Championships in Roseville, California. He made B-Final in two events, 50 fly and 100 fly, placing 13th overall in both. And this is amongst swimmers from all the Western States! Here are his thoughts on the trip:

"Western Zones was a great experience for me because I got to race outside of Hawaii. Although it was my second time going to zones, I’ve learned many things. One thing I learned, is that since you’re in a different area when your racing, many things around you are gonna be different, like the weather, the swimmers, or the “BEEP,” when your race starts. These differences may cause you to be anxious. The best thing to do when you feel when you feel that way is to keep calm. It’s okay to have “Butterflies in your stomach,” before your race. Listening to music might help you stay calm and get you pumped up before a race.

Besides all the scary things that might happen during the meet, there are many great times too. You are 100% guaranteed to make new friends during zones. You can also trade cool and weird stuff with swimmers from other teams/states. After the meet is over, you can go to fun places like the water park and do all sorts of awesome stuff with your teammates.
Zones is a really competitive and exciting meet, but there are time standards too. If you want to go to zones, you have to try very hard during practice and swim meets. Its an extraordinary experience so I suggest all of you, swimmers to try swimming at Western Zones."