Ad Sales Packet

 Dear Northern Sierra Aquatics Families,

          One way to offset your swim dues obligation is through selling meet program ads.  These ads are very easy to sell as most local businesses are interested in supporting youth sports organizations such as ourselves and it gives them an opportunity to gain exposure for their business.

          For each ad you sell you will receive credit for 40% of the ad amount.  The remaining 60% helps cover our meet operation expenses.  Use the “Ad Packets” to solicit ads.  The packet includes a brief note to advertisers along with ad pricing and deadline information.


Ad Sales Procedures:

1.  Fill out the contract form completely.  The top half of the form is a receipt for the advertiser.  The bottom half is the team record of the transaction and how it was handled.

2.  The advertisement should be attached to the bottom half of the contract form as described in item one above.  All ads must be “camera ready.”  Electronic file preferred, but hard copy acceptable.

3.  Turn in all completed contracts, ads and checks in a sealed envelope by the deadline.

Rate Structure For Advertisements:

Swim Meet Programs:

  • Inside Front Cover                   $200.00  * please check availability before selling
  • Inside / Outside Back Cover     $200.00  * please check availability before selling
  • Full Page                                  $150.00
  • Half Page                                 $85.00
  • Quarter Page                            $50.00
  • Business Card                          $30.00

Make checks payable to:NSA or Northern Sierra Aquatics

Meet Program:                                              Deadline:

September 21-22, 2013 Plunge Meet           September 13


Questions on Ad Sales? Contact Coach Ethan @ 268-1209