States Photos!

Hi Everyone!  Alyssa Muraoka spent much of her time at States shooting tons of spectacular photos.  These are absolutely gorgeous.  I've uploaded a few here, but please visit her Flickr site to see the whole collection.  

If you would like to save any of the images to your personal machine, here is the process (sorry, Windows steps. I don't have a Mac):

1. Left-click on the image in the group of images that you want to save.

2. The image will display on the screen by itself.  Right-click to bring up the context menu, titled " This photo is  All Rights Reserved".  There will be a varity of sizes displayed: Medium 500 • Medium 640 • Medium 800 • Large • Large 1600 • Large 2048 • Original.  Choose the size that you want.  "Original" is full sized.

3. The photo will load on screen in the size you have selected.  Right-click again to bring up the context menu and select "Save image as..." to save it to your local machine.

If the above link to Flickr doesn't work, you may cut and paste the full URL into your browser address bar:[email protected]/

Thanks again Alyssa!