Winter Swimming Starting Monday, 9/9

We are excited to officially confirm that we WILL be offering Session 1 of the Lucas Valley Aquatics swim program starting next week! Thank you for your support of this new program. We look forward to welcoming all of our swimmers and watching them all grow stronger during the fall and winter months.

Workouts will begin on Monday, September 9th at the Lucas Valley Homeowners Association pool at the corner of Idylberry and Mt. Shasta. Stay tuned for more information on practice times.

We invite you to please send in your registration fees if you have not done so yet (checks payable to LVST) to the address below:


4460 Redwood Hwy, Ste. 16-312

San Rafael, CA 94903

If you are not a member of the Lucas Valley Homeowners' Association, please include a $30 per swimmer payment to cover facility usage by non-homeowner program participants. (If you are a LVST swim family, this is a once-a-year fee and will also cover the Summer 2014 season.)

Lastly, in order to participate in our program, you are required to register your child with USA Swimming. This registration is to provide your child and our organization with additional insurance during the program and, if you choose to do so, allows your child to participate in USA swim meets around the Bay Area.

There are two (2) memberships choices available:

1.    Seasonal $45: With this membership, your child will be a member of USA swimming from 9/6/13 -2/2/14.    Click  here   to download this form. (Tip: If you are planning to continue to participate for Session 2 (January and February), you should choose Option 2 below and register for a year round membership to ensure February coverage.)

2.    Year Round $65:  Your swimmer will be a member of USA swimming from 9/6/13 - 12/31/14  Click here to download this form.

Please use "Lucas Valley Aquatics" as the club name on your registration. Send completed forms and payment to Pacific Swimming no later than9/20/13. Once you receive your child's USA Swim Card, please add their USA ID # to their account on

You can also research additional information at

We look forward to seeing you on deck on the 9th!