August 2013 BCST Records Update!


BCST Age Group Records Update (August 2013)!


Another season has past and once again it was time to update our team records. And, as in the past, the coaches often wonder if the attack on the record books will ever slow down.


Major changes to the records usually occur at Championships meets:

·        November-December

·        February-March

·        July-August


The Bellevue Club S.T. recognizes 362 individual records and 84 relay records. To set a BCST record, swimmers must be active members of the Bellevue Club Swim Team and the times must be recognized by USA Swimming.


During this past long course season BC swimmers established 37 new team records: including 27 individual event records and 10 relay records.


For a good look at all the names of the new BCST record holders and their times please CLICK HERE.  All new records are hi-lighted in orange.


While all these swimmers deserve special recognition for their great efforts, it should be noted that one swimmer, William Zhou (age 11-12), certainly had a very special long course season.  This summer, at the PNS lc Champs, William swam a leg on four BCST record setting  relays and managed to swim to 8 individual BCST records in the boys 11-12 age group.


Congratulations to all of our new BCST record holders.