CAST NEWS 9-12-13

CAST Notes ….... 9-12-13

Our team Banquet is approaching. See attached announcement flyer. ALL CAST SWIMMERS AND THEIR FAMILIES ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND! All swimmers will be recognized from every level. Please make sure you sign up by Tuesday the 24th.

Banquet photos and videos needed. I need your pictures and videos that you've taken during the year to add to my own so I can put this year's banquet video together. It takes me a couple of weeks, so please put your pictures and videos on a flash drive, flash card or dvd/cd and bring them to practice as soon as possible. (do not “render” your videos onto a dvd ....just transfer the movie file itself as a data file. If you're not sure what I mean, just ask me).

USA swimming registrations:Every member of the team must register with USA swimming within 30 days of joining the team. There are 2 types of registration. One is a Seasonal membership and is valid May- early Sept. The other is an annual membership. Registrations after 9-10-13 are valid through Dec. 31stof 2014.. (that's almost 16 months!).

For those of you who are new to USA swimming, you must present a birth certificate, or passport the first time you register. For those who hold a 2013 registration already, if it was a seasonal membership it expired 9-9-13. If it is an annual membership (listed as 2013) it expires on December 31st. I recommend you renew your membership prior to December to get it out of the way. Attached to this e-mail is a current listing of 2013 annual + 2014 memberships.

Freestyle Festival:This year we are the host team for the Freestyle Festival. The meet is on September 29thand will be held at Granite Hills High School. We still have many jobs to fill (a BIG thank you to the families who have already signed up). When we host a meet, it is the quickest and easiest way to fulfill your work credits. Since this meet is past the Sept. 15thservice credits deadline, your work will go toward the next 6 month period (ends March 15th).

Swimmers: We would like ALL swimmers to participate. It's the Freestyle Festival which means only Freestyle events are offered, so everyone can swim. 8&U's have a 25, 50, 100 and 200 offered, while 9 and olders have a 50, 100, 200 and 500 offered. It's a great way to start the short course season.

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU HAVE A CURRENT USA SWIMMING REGISTRATION PRIOR TO SEPT. 19TH(read the above carefully on USA swimming registrations), or you will not be allowed to swim in the Freestyle Festival. Even though we are the host team, we have NO leeway on this must have a current registration by the 19thor no Freestyle Festival!!!

Seal Beach / Knotts Berry Farm Team Trip...

Attention all swimmers and families. It's time to do something really fun!!!!! We are going to do a “all-team” travel meet. This will be a “team-travel” meet which means kids travel with the team, and the parents get to stay home (unless you decide to chaperone).

We want every swimmer to go....from 6 year olds on up.

I was at a coaching seminar a few years back. I had a panel of Olympic swimmers answering questions. Someone asked, what's your favorite memories about swimming. Every Olympic athlete said traveling with their fellow swimmers was one of the best things about swimming.

So here's some details....We will be traveling to a meet in Seal Beach on October 12th. (Youngers will leave at 5:45 am, olders will leave at 9:00 am.). We'll be competing on Saturday, staying together in a hotel on Saturday night and attending Knotts Berry Farm on Sunday (returning to SD about 7:00 pm).

This is a team sponsored trip! What that means is that the team is going to pay for transportation and hotel rooms. Swimmers will be responsible for meet fees, food, and $30 for Knotts Berry Farm. If you choose to travel separately, then you're on your own – no team sponsorship. We obviously would like the kids to be able to experience the fun of traveling together and staying in a hotel together. It's a whole lot of fun, and helps to build bonds with the other swimmers that translate back into the pool – better friends = more fun at the pool. Swimmers will stay 3-4 to a room (with swimmers as close to their age as we can).

The coaches and chaperones will provide an agenda and plans to keep the kids busy. Parents be assured, that swimmers will be supervised. Swimmers will follow specific rules (and have to fill out a code of conduct form prior to travel).

Wedo need chaperones/drivers. This is really important as we hope have 50 or more swimmers attending this meet. Please see separate sheet for chaperones, and turn in to me if you're interested. CAST will pay for chaperones (travel and Knotts) and you'll receive 6 work credits as well.

I'm sure many of you will have questions. Please read everything first, then e-mail me ( ) if your question wasn't answered. Also to note, after we have a final number on those committed to going, we'll give you more information.....(meeting time for initial travel, hotel info, chaperones contact numbers, etc)



Chaperone application forms due by: Sept19

Deadline for signing up to attend: 9-21

Here is a link to the team travel policies and code of conduct: (listed at the bottom of the “tutorials/docs” menu on our website.

SMS --- Please update your account online to accept SMS messages. This is for us to contact you by phone with a txt message. Log into your account and click add SMS. This will allow us to send you a text to your phone when there is any pressing news.... the most pressing would be something like a practice cancellation or change. Last January the kroc center had some pool issues and we had many last minute changes of practice times and locations. With SMS enabled I can send out a mass txt in a matter of moments. You can put multiple cell phone numbers in so everyone in your family receives the notification. Don't worry, we're not going to send you a bunch of random txts. Only things like last minute practice changes or possibly a last minute reminder on a meet sign up deadline.

West Hills re-start- update.

In case you didn't get the earlier memo....we're re-starting the practice group out at West Hills High School.

They've had a month off, I've hired a new coach (Jack Pope) to run the group, and we're offering 6 weeks free swimming out there. So if you have friends/family/acquaintances out in Santee. Send them a flyer - check your 9-12 e-mail for flyer.