SAC Updates

* Modified practice schedule continues this week.


* There will be NO after school practice on Friday of this week as I will be at the distance session of the WSY meet.


* WSY meet this weekend.  Warm-up and start times have been adjusted (see below).  Swimmers should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their session's warm-up time.  Admission on Saturday and Sunday is $5 and will include a program.  Programs will be printed and circulated to spectators about 15 minutes before each session starts.  Wi-fi will be available throughout the weekend for those wishing to use Meet Mobile for real-time results.


Session 1 (Friday PM) 
at Messiah College
Warm-Up: 4:30pm 
Meet Start: 5:20pm
Swimmers provide own timer/counter please
Session 2 (Saturday AM) 
at CV High School
Warm-Up: 8:00am 
Meet Start: 9:00am
Session 3 (Saturday PM)
Warm-Up: 12:45pm
Meet Start: 1:45pm
Session 4 (Sunday AM)
Warm-Up: 8:00am
Meet Start: 9:00am
Session 5 (Sunday PM)
Warm-Up: 12:45pm
Meet Start: 1:45pm


* The next meeting of the SAC Board of Directors will be Tuesday, October 8 at 7pm in room 44 at the high school.


* PRACTICE GROUP MEETINGS: In the past, we've had a general meeting for all parents at the start of the season.  Since some info is more important to new families, some to returning families, and some to different training levels, we will be having Practice Group Information meetings.  This will allow us to tailor the info in a more concise manner to each group.  Group meetings will be as follows during group practice hours:

 - Push-Off: Wednesday, October 9 at 6:30pm

 - Group 2 and 3: Wednesday, October 9 at 7:00pm

 - Group 1: Thursday, October 10 at 6:30pm

 - Group 4, 5, Varsity: Thursday, October 10 at 7:00pm


* A note from the SAC Board of Directors: Bills are due to generate in the Team Unify website tonight at midnight.  The SAC Treasurer has sent a friendly billing "summary" in email to review at your convenience.  Please keep in mind that total membership dues are reflective of $50 registration per swimmer + remaining dues that are outlined in the registration packet under "Registration" at the right of the Team Unify website.  The Board approve rates over the summer and this spreadsheet represents the remaining amount due  after registration dues of $50. 

For example:
$50 Registration + Group 1 Winter Dues $160 = $210 Total Dues for Winter Season
The Board used Registration as a means to adequately plan staffing and schedules that more accurately reflect the needs and costs of each group based on pool hours and staffing.  This helps Coach Jeff schedule the groups with the right number of coaches in addition to avoiding over-crowding in each lane.  
Please note:   Team Unify uses two separate billing platforms in order to do this!!  Registration pushes members into billing after they have paid their registration.  If you have not yet paid the registration fee of $50, please contact Angie Facchinei, SAC Treasurer to avoid any delay in your billing options.  You will receive a bill in email at the beginning of each month.  Look for the first one in a few days.
* Private lessons may be scheduled here for interested swimmers/families.
* The registration deadline for the Nov 8-10 meet at Penn State has passed.  I'll send out a follow-up email to attending families with additional details and lodging info when our entries are confirmed.
* The deadline to register for the Central York meet November 2-3 is this Friday, October 4.
* I've attached the meet information for the Aqua Fest invitational at Cumberland Valley on November 16.  This is a nice introductory meet for our swimmers in groups 1, 2, and Push-off and is highly recommended for them to participate.  Entry is optional for swimmers in groups 3, 4, 5, and Varsity.  Swimmers may enter 4 individual events.  Entry fee is $4 per event.  Entry deadline will be Friday, October 18.  To enter, visit the events page on our website and click the "Attend" button under the meet headline.  Swimmers may select events for this meet or families may write "Coach pick events" in the comments section.  Review the meet info and let me know if you have questions.
Thanks and have a wonderful week!