Al Minn Invitational

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UPDATE: Tori left herself mostly out of her post, but she accomplished an amazing feat this meet: Placing FIRST in every event she entered, scoring a perfect 90 points.  CONGRATULATIONS!

And now a message from Tori Zukeran:

Hi everyone!

I know there have been a lot of new swimmers and parents that have joined Splash Aquatics over the years so for all of you who do not know me, my name is Tori Zukeran. I’ve been a swimmer for nine years and a swimmer for Splash for four years.

This past weekend, September 28-29, was the 2013 Al Minn Invitational and here is a quick recap on how our team did!!

Our participants in individual events were:
(9 year olds) - Nahe Ahia, Kai Iwamura, and Parker Wagnild
(10 year olds) - Courtney Uejo, Gessica King, Hannah Gang, Aina Endo, Cole Fujimoto, and Richard Do
(11 year olds) - Reina Dreyer, Nicole Nagata, Kimberly Oshiro, Aaron Sakai, and Peter Do
(12 year olds) - Jessica Erban, Noelle Dagdagan, Eddie Miyake, George Do, and Reimon Wada
(13 year olds) - Joseph Ahia, Taiyo Endo, and Daniel Sakai
(14 year olds) - Erika Kakazu, Yassi Quon, Trina Chun, and Inie Lui
(15 year olds) - Lauryn Nakashima, Tori Zukeran, and Chris Kobayashi
(16 year olds) - Greg Zukeran, Michael Sakai, and Gabe Hanaoka
(17 year olds) - Tahni Kakazu

We had a lot of GREAT races from our swimmers! Many of them made best times, new qualifying times, and top eight placements in their age groups. These swimmers are:
- Nahe Ahia (4 best times; 8th in 100 IM and 100 free and 6th in 50 back)
- Kai Iwamura (1 best time)
- Courtney Uejo (1 best time)
- Gessica King (2 best times; 7th in 50 breast)
- Hannah Gang (3 best times)
- Aina Endo (2 best times; HIAA in 50 fly)
- Cole Fujimoto (5 best times; QUAL in 100 free; 8th in 100 IM and 50 fly, 7th in 100 breast, 200 free, and 100 free, and 5th in 50 free and 50 breast)             
- Reina Dreyer (1 best time; HIAA in 200 free)          
- Nicole Nagata (2 best times; HIAA in 100 free)       
- Kimberly Oshiro (1 best time)          
- Aaron Sakai (2 best times)    
- Peter Do (2 best times)                     
- Jessica Erban (2 best times; HIAA in 50 free and 100 free)
- Noelle Dagdagan (2 best times)
- Eddie Miyake (4 best times) 
- George Do (3 best times; HIAA in 50 fly and 100 free)       
- Reimon Wada (5 best times; QUAL in 50 back; 8th in 50 back and 100 fly, 5th in 100 free, and 4th in 200 free, 50 breast, and 200 IM)
- Joseph Ahia (4 best times; QUAL in 500 free and 200 free; 7th in 200 IM, 6th in 100 breast, 100 IM and 100 back, 4th in 100 free and 100 fly, 3rd in 500 free, and 2nd in 50 free and 200 free)
- Taiyo Endo (8 best times; QUAL in 200 fly, 200 breast, and 200 free; 7th in 100 free, 6th in 50 free, 4th in 100 breast and 200 IM, 3rd in 200 back, 2nd in 200 fly, 100 IM, 100 fly, and 200 breast, and 1st in 200 free) - Daniel Sakai (4 best times; 8th in 200 free, 7th in 100 IM (13-14) and 100 IM (Open), and 4th in 200 breast)
- Erika Kakazu (7 best times; QUAL in 200 fly; 4th in 100 breast, 3rd in 100 free, 2nd in 200 fly, 200 breast, 50 free, and 100 back, and 1st in 200 back, 100 IM, 100 fly, and 200 IM)         
- Yassi Quon (5 best times; 4th in 100 IM)
- Inie Lui (1 best time; 3rd in 100 IM, 2nd in 200 back and 200 IM, and 1st in 100 free, 50 free, and 100 back)
- Lauryn Nakashima (6th in 200 back and 100 fly and 5th in 100 back and 200 IM)
- Chris Kobayashi (1 best time; 8th in 200 free and 500 free, 7th in 100 free, and 6th in 200 fly)
- Tori Zukeran (1st in 200 free, 1st in 100 breast, 1st in 200 fly, 1st in 100 Free, 1st in 200 back, 1st in 100 fly, 1st in 200 breast, 1st in 50 free, 1st in 100 back, 1st in 200 IM)
- Greg Zukeran (5th in 200 fly and 100 free, 4th in 200 back, 3rd in 200 free, and 1st in 100 breast)
- Michael Sakai (1 best time; 6th in 100 free and 50 free, 5th in 200 free, 4th in 100 breast, 3rd in 200 back, 100 fly, and 100 back, and 2nd in 200 fly, 500 free, and 200 IM) 
- Gabe Hanaoka (1 best time; 7th in 100 back, 6th in 200 IM, 5th in 100 fly and 50 free, and 2nd in 200 breast)           
- Tahni Kakazu (8th in 100 fly, 6th in 100 breast, 4th in 100 free and 50 free, 3rd in 200 free, 200 breast, 100 back and 200 IM, and 2nd in 200 back)

We also had some excellent relays!!
- 10 & under girls -- 3rd in the 200 free relay (Gessica King, Aina Endo, Courtney Uejo, and Nahe Ahia) and 2nd in the 200 medley relay (Aina Endo, Hannah Gang, Nahe Ahia, and Courtney Uejo)
- 10 & under boys -- 3rd in the 200 free relay (Cole Fujimoto, Richard Do, Yoshi Kajihiro, and Jake Lee)
- 11-12 girls -- 2nd in the 200 medley relay (Jessica Erban, Kimberly Oshiro, Reina Dreyer, and Nicole Nagata) and 2nd in the 200 free relay (Reina Dreyer, Jessica Erban, Nicole Nagata, and Kimberly Oshiro)
- 11-12 boys -- 2nd in the 200 medley relay (Eddie Miyake, Reimon Wada, Aaron Sakai, and George Do) and 2nd in the 200 free relay (Reimon Wada, Eddie Miyake, Aaron Sakai, and George Do)
- 13-14 girls -- 1st in the 200 free relay (Erika Kakazu, Trina Chun, Yassi Quon, and Inie Lui) and 1st in the 200 medley relay (Erika Kakazu, Yassi Quon, Inie Lui, and Trina Chun)
- 13-14 boys -- 1st in the 200 free relay (Joseph Ahia, Taiyo Endo, Daniel Sakai, and Ryan Murai)
- Open women -- 1st in the 200 free relay (Lauryn Nakashima, Tahni Kakazu, Tori Zukeran, and Erika Kakazu) and 1st in the 200 medley relay (Tahni Kakazu, Tori Zukeran, Erika Kakazu, and Lauryn Nakashima)
- Open men -- 4th in the 200 free relay (Joseph Ahia, Greg Zukeran, Chris Kobayashi, and Michael Sakai) and 4th in the 200 medley relay (Michael Sakai, Gabe Hanaoka, Chris Kobayashi, and Taiyo Endo)

And, our individual point scorers were:

10 & under girls - Nahe Ahia (12th) and Gessica King (18th)
10 & under boys - Cole Fujimoto (9th)
11-12 boys - Reimon Wada (6th)
13-14 girls - Erika Kakazu (1st), Inie Lui (3rd), and Yassi Quon (18th)
13-14 boys - Taiyo Endo (2nd), Joseph Ahia (4th), and Daniel Sakai (14th)
Open women - Tahni Kakazu (3rd) and Lauryn Nakashima (9th)
Open men - Michael Sakai (1st), Greg Zukeran (6th), Gabe Hanaoka (9th), Chris Kobayashi (16th), and Daniel Sakai (20th)


Congrats to Erika Kakazu, Michael Sakai, and Tori Zukeran for winning the high point awards!!!

Also, good job to Joseph Ahia, Chris Kobayashi, and Michael Sakai for being tough and swimming the longest event of the meet…the 500 free!!


CONGRATULATIONS SPLASH!!! We placed 3rd overall for the team scores!


Thank you to Ryan Murai, Yoshi Kajihiro, and Jake Lee for coming out and swimming on our 13-14 boys and 10 & under boys relays!! You guys did awesome! Also, thank you to the Kakazu’s for bringing and taking the tents, to and from the pool!!

Thank you to our Splash officials (Auntie Val Zukeran, Auntie Yoko Ahia, and Auntie Edna Sakai) for their hard work on the pool deck this weekend! And last but not least, thank you to the coaches for supporting us and being there during the two days we swam at the Al Minn Invitational!!

That’s it for now…hope to see you all at the pool!!!


 ~ Tori Zukeran