Tori and Trina

I'd like to highlight a couple of our athletes for special mention.

Tori Zukeran made a very unusual achievement at the Al Minn Invitational last week.  She entered ten individual events and won every one of them.  She had ten first place finishes, scoring 90 points.  In looking through the archives, I found this does happen, but among the dozens of meets each year, each containing hundreds of swimmers, it only happens a couple of times per year at most.  Congratulations Tori on an amazing and rare swimming feat: a perfect sweep!

Trina Chun is one of our most graceful and athletic swimmers, having won high point earner at the Junior Age Group Championships not once, but twice this year in March and again in July.  However, swimming isn’t the only sport Trina does.  She also does cross country, running for Kalani high school.  This past weekend she participated in OIA Cross Country Eastern Division Championships where she scored first place in junior varsity girls, running three miles in 20:45.29.  Congratulations Trina on your first place finish!