Pumpkin 400 Results!

Pumpkin 400/2013

Congratulations to all those who participated in this year’s Pumpkin 400!  Always one of the most enjoyable meets of the year, this one, too, had its fair share of memorable swims.  Swimmers from the ages of 6-68 came out in their quest for pumpkin pie glory.  Regardless of whether you walked away with a pumpkin pie at the end of the evening or not, you should be proud of yourselves for your swims, as there were some pretty impressive performances.

The fastest time this year came out of the men’s 15-18 category, by Todd McCarthy (4:10.18), narrowly edging second place Austin Barnard by .38 seconds.  Perennial champion Ed Switaj continued his reign of dominance in the 19 and over category, finishing the last pumpkin 400 of his twenties with an impressive, youthful time of 4:17.31. The fastest time for a female swimmer this year belonged to Kim Williams, clocking in with 4:28.91.

But easily the most awe-inspiring swim of the evening belonged to Coach Andrew Nguyen, who showed no fear in the beginning of his race, sprinting out to a 59.0 split on his first 100.  His second 100 fell off to 1:10, and you could see what was about to happen.  In one of the most epic dies in the history of the Pumpkin 400 (still not as horrific as John Cross in 2009), Andrew finished with a 1:12, and 1:14.  With the visible pain of every stroke, Andrew gave one of the most valuable coaching lessons he will ever give to his kids:  Learn to pace yourself, boys and girls. 

All fun aside, though, congratulations to you all.  Thank you to the BCST boosters for putting on another great meet, especially Meet Director Pat Deiparine, Meet Referee Peter Keane, and too all the volunteers who helped out.  Read below for a list of stats, including all the pumpkin pie winners, and the top time drops.

GO BCST!!!!!

Pumpkin Pie Winners:                                             Top Ten Time Drops:


19 & Over:                                                                1) Daniel Ryaboshapka (-303.05)

Marisa Chang (5:01.12)                                              2) Michelle Park (-231.20)

Ed Switaj (4:17.31)                                                     3) Sarah Sherrer (-202.90)

                                                                                 4) Simon Kwon (-179.19)

15-18:                                                                        5) Stella Oh (-147.85)

Kim Williams (4:28.91)                                                6) Sarah Walsh (135.52)

Todd McCarthy (4:10.18)                                             7) Nicholas Valdman (115.83)

                                                                                 8) Parker Cross (-105.49)

14:                                                                             9) Dylan Doan (-101.45)

Kayley Toefield (5:25.64)                                            10) Espen Hellevik (-95.73)

Thomas Eggenberger (4:27.07)


13:                                                                               Top (only) Three Coaches:

Ellie Williams (5:01.46)                                              1) Andrew Nguyen (4:35.84)

Alex Elizarov (4:41.97)                                               2) Marisa Chang (5:01.12)

                                                                                3) Janna Hagensick (5:01.66)


Mari Nielsen (5:01.13)                                                Top Three BCST Parents:

Nick Elizarov (4:40.78)

                                                                                    (The Ladies)

11:                                                                            1) Elizabeth Lucco

Nathalie Valdman (4:58.37)                                         2) Stephanie Haeger

Nathan Quarterman (5:24.02)                                     3) Leslie Howard


10:                                                                               (The Gentlemen)

Amelia Girotto (5:54.93)                                             1) Todd Doherty

Nathan Lee (5:36.07)                                                 2) Lennart Tan

                                                                                3) Kevin Cooney


Courtney Cross (6:18.39)

Ben Kolpa (6:44.88)



Megan Lei (6:40.88)

Christian Koh (6:39.87)



Lily Siripipat (7:18.99)

Dylan Doan (8:21.40)


6 & Under:

Lera Polyakova (9:58.85)