Another Successful CAT Meet!

CAT Travel Meet 11/2-3

Another year and another Corvallis Travel meet is in the books.  As usual, the kids had a great time.  Between traveling to and from Salem on the bus, hanging out and sharing rooms together at the hotel, and rooting each other on at the meet, this meet is always a great opportunity for teammates to get to know each other better, make new friends, and to strengthen team camaraderie.  Kids ate pizza, watched movies, and generally behaved themselves while still having a good time.  I also got the unique experience of watching “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” on a bus full of pre-teen girls.  Good times.

And oh yes, there was a meet, too. Despite the long travel and the suspected late bedtimes of swimmers, BCST swimmers represented themselves quite well.  Lots of PNS champ times were made, and the best time percentage was quite high.  Two particular swims are worthy of special mention, however.  On their last chance to join the prestigious “Sub Club” before turning 13, both Lydia Choi and Blake Ueda made good on their opportunity.  Congratulations to you both on your accomplishment!

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped Coach Andrew and I out with the kids all weekend long:  Tanya Conger, Vicky Cross, Michelle Freese, Bill Dittig, B.G. Robinson, and Chuck Robinson.  You guys were awesome!!!!  And once again, great job kids on both the swimming and staying out of trouble.

GO BCST!!!!!


100% Best Times

Ellie Bailey

Justin Brunings

Lydia Choi

Sophia Coco

Katie Cross

Anna Doherty

Brian Kim

Megan Lei

Emma Liu

Lucie Mowat

Rachel Nguyen

Nate Robinson

Lily Siripipat

Rylee Siripipat

Blake Ueda

Meghan Waiss

Will Wick

Emma Wineland


Top Three Finishers

Andrew Boden (2nd 500 free)

Sophia Coco (3rd 100 IM)

David Conger (3rd 200 free)

JJ Conger (1st 50 fly)

Willie Dittig (1st 100 back, 3rd 100 back)

Gabe Florsheim (3rd 100 fly)

Dave Makhervaks (2nd 100 free, 100 fly, 3rd 200 IM)

Mari Nielsen (2nd 100 IM)

Michael Peck (3rd 50 fly)

Ryan Skinner (2nd 50 breast)

Emma Wineland (1st 50 back)