Age Group Meet @ VMAC

Update from Tori Zukeran:

Yesterday's classified meet at the CORP pool went really well! There were solid swims throughout the day and the swimmers had TONS of new qualifying times as well as first time swims in many events.

Congrats to all below for achieving new qualifying times!
Joseph Ahia - 2 new HIAA times
Ciera Young - 1 new HI-A time
Yassi Quon - 1 new HIAA time
Taiyo Endo - 2 new QUAL times
Hyunsung "Lee" Lee - 1 new HI-B time
Aina Endo - 2 new QUAL times
Hannah Gang - 1 new QUAL time and 1 new HIAA time
Nicole Nakagawa - 2 new HI-A times
Neve Dagdagan - 2 new HI-A times
Nicole Nagata - 1 new QUAL time
Kimberly Oshiro - 1 new HIAA time
Jenny Yen - 1 new HIAA time
Amy Pan - 2 new HIAA times
Haven Cody - 1 new HI-B time
Yoshi Kajihiro - 1 new HI-A time and 2 new HI-B times
Jake Lee - 1 new HI-A time and 1 new HI-B time
Ka'ena Dedrick - 1 new HIAA time and 1 new HI-A time
Andrew King - 1 new HI-A time
Cienna Toyofuku - 1 new HI-A time
Kennedy Choo - 1 new HI-B time
Ashley Broderick - 2 new HI-B times
Sydney Kawana - 1 new HI-B time
Karys Imai - 1 new HI-A time
Fei Xiao - 1 new HI-A time
Marcus Siarot - 1 new HI-A time
Graci Young - 1 new HI-B time

Special congrats to Taiyo Endo for his AMAZING swim in the 400 IM! He dropped over 20 seconds and made the QUAL cut. And he did all that by himself, in the middle of the pool, with the officials watching only him, at the end of the morning session. All I have to say is...good job Taiyo and have fun swimming it AGAIN at States!!
Thank you to...Auntie Val Zukeran and Auntie Edna Sakai for being officials at this meet...everyone who volunteered to time...the Kakazu's for bringing and taking the tents...the coaches, as always, for being there for the swimmers.
The results attached have been posted and uploaded to the Splash Website by Auntie Edna Sakai.
Good job and see you guys at the pool!
~ Tori Zukeran :)
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