GOLD Group - OCY Strong Kids Invite Review

We had unbelievable success as a group this year at OCY SKI!  We place 3rd overall with 1621 pts.  Our SJAC boys placed 2nd overall with 833 pts.  Our SJAC girls placed 3rd overall with 788 pts.  Our Gold Group scored 497 points of our total point score.  Every swimmer that placed in the Top 10 helped us get to this great accomplishment.

               We also had the top point scores for our team with Jack Watson with 75 pts, and Zora Vujovic with 66pts.  Jack won all but one of his 7 events and Zora won all but one of her 6 events.  We are still following up on several meet and team records that were broken as well by them, and others on our team.

               The Gold Group coaching staff and SJAC are extremely proud of the accomplishments over this weekend.  Here is the breakdown:

Point Leaders/Top 20 Finishes/Personal Best Times:

Jack Watson (75pts) 5FR 1st, 2FR 1st, 1FL 1st, 2BK 2nd, 2FL 1st, 2IM 1st, 1FR 1st

Zora Vujovic (66pts) 2FR 1st, 1FL 1st, 50FR 1st, 2IM 1st, 1FR 1st, 1BR 1st

Sarah Batastini (54pts) 5FR 4th, 2FR 11th, 1FL 2nd, 2FL 2nd, 1BK 2nd, 2BK 2nd, 2IM 4th

Georgie Wilson (47pts) 2FR 3rd, 1FL 3rd, 50FR 3rd, 1BK 4th, 2IM 3rd, 1FR 3rd

Gillian Peters (46pts) 2FR 5th, 2BR 2nd, 1FL 6th, 2IM 2nd, 1FR 3rd, 1BR 2nd

JT Funari (44pts) 5FR 4th, 2FR 3rd, 50BK 4th, 1BK 3rd, 2IM 4th, 1FR 4th

Annabel Gorman (24pts) 5FR 7th, 2FR 8th, 1FL 5th, 2BK 13th, 2FL 8th, 2IM 7th, 1FR 7th

Abby Wilson (23pts) 5FR 12th, 2FR 8th, 1FL 8th, 2IM 8th, 2BK 6th, 2FL 7th, 1BK 6th

Evan Raiken (22pts) 2BK 6th, 2FR 5th, 2BR 10th, 2BK 6th, 5FR 1st, 1BR 13th, 2IM 16th

Jack Zeigler (18pts) 5FR 14th, 2FR 11th, 1FL 2nd, 2IM 17th, 50FL 2nd

Delany McGlade (16pts) 5FR 6th, 2FR 13th, 1FL 9th, 50BK 7th, 1BK 19th, 2IM 13th, 1FR 6th

Cate Zane (16pts) 4IM 3rd, 1FL 13th, 2BK 15th, 2FL 3rd, 2IM 17th, 1FR 19th

Christian Overton (13pts) 5FR 15th, 1FL 9th, 2BK 6th, 1FL 8th, 1BK 6th, 1FR 19th

Michael Sommeling (13pts) 2FR 15th, 1FL 13th, 2BK 5th, 1BK 5th, 2IM 16th, 1BR 18th

Janey Galski (13pts) 2FR 15th, 2BK 9th, 2FL 4th, 1BK 7th, 2IM 12th

Isabella Begley (7pts) 50BR 4th, 1BR 9th

Gabbi Buck (7pts) 2FR 18th, 50BK 4th, 1BK 13th, 2IM 19th, 1FR 17th

John Corcoran (6pts) 50FL 5th

Regan McDonnell (6pts) 5FR 13th, 2FR 11th, 1FL 19th, 2BK 16th, 1BK 16th, 2IM 11th, 1BR 5th

Olivia Coffey (5pts) 5FR 14th, 2FR 14th, 2BR 9th, 1FL 18th, 2FL 9th, 2IM 18th, 1FR 10th

Lauren Hynoski (5pts) 50FR 15th, 2FL 6th

Kaitlyn Levinson (5pts) 1FL 11th, 2FL 6th

Lauren Morrison (5pts) 5FR 9th, 2FR 19th, 1FL 14th, 2BK 8th

David Iuvara (3pts) 2FR 13th, 1FL 17th, 2FL 13th, 1BK 10th, 2IM 9th

Matt Stankus (2pts) 2FR 19th, 1FL 17th, 2BK 9th

Julia Darmo (1pt) 1FL 18th, 2FL 10th

Carl Latini (1pt) 50BK 11th, 1BK 9th

Matt Zeiler (1pt) 1FL 15th, 50FL 10th

Our Personal Best Times by our swimmers & Top 20 Finishers:

2FR: I.Andino, G.Antonelli, E.Barrett, M.Crysler, J.Darmo, B.Eppolitto, S.Feeley, S.Fleisher, K.Gillooly (20th), K.Hare (18th), J.Joshi, M.Karpousis, C.McGlade, E.Morales, C.Overton, K.Preihs, M.Reed, A.Sandeen, R.Sandeen, E.Snyder, F.Stewart, G.Urban, M.Zeiler

2BK: E.Aronson, C.McGlade, K.Preihs (20th), M.Reed, A.Sandeen, R.Sandeen, F.Stewart, L.Cwik, J.Darmo, B.Eppolitto, S.Fleisher, K.Gillooly, K.Levinson

2BR: S.Feeley (11th), J.Henshaw (18th)

2FL: R.Sandeen, B.Wagner (11th**), M.Crysler (11th**) (**tied in finals)

2IM: I.Andino, G.Antonelli, S.Atzinger, E.Barrett, M.Crysler, K.Gillooly, C.McGlade, C.Overton, M.Reed, R.Sandeen, G.Urban

1FR: K.Preihs, R.Sandeen, G.Urban, B.Wagner (18th), G.Antonelli, I.Begley, A.Cherubino, M.Crysler, J.Darmo, B.Eppolitto, K.Gillooly (20th), K.Hare, L.Hynoski, J.Joshi, I.Mateo

1BK: I.Andino, S.Atzinger, A.Cherubino, K.Gillooly, L.Hynoski, I.Mateo, C.McGlade, K.Preihs, M.Reed, N.Trent, G.Urban (20th), B.Wagner (16th)

1BR: M.Reed, F.Stewart, G.Wheeler, I.Andino, G.Antonelli, S.Atzinger, A.Cherubino, S.Feeley, R.Fanelli (18th), G.Figlioli, J.Henshaw (14th), M.Krwawicz, I.Mateo

1FL: I.Andino, G.Antonelli, E.Barrett, M.Crysler, B.Eppolitto, G.Figlioli, J.Funari, J.Galski, K.Gillooly, K.Hare(14th), I.Mateo, M.Reed, S.Sinibaldi (11th), G.Urban

50FR: M.Crysler, K.Hare (20th)

50BK: K.Preihs, S.Sinibaldi, K.Strother, N.Trent, G.Urban (14th), L.Hynoski, I.Mateo, E.Morales

50BR: G.Antonelli, I.Mateo (14th), E.Morales (14th)

50FL: K.Preihs, K.Hare (14th)

Medley & Free Relays:

Zora Vujovic and Georgie Wilson were part of the 9 & 10G FR Relay that placed 1st overall.

11-12 G ‘A’ Medley Relay of L.Morrison, G.Peters, S.Batastini, & D.McGlade placed 2nd overall.

11-12 G ‘B’ Medley Relay of A.Wilson, I.Begley, A.Gorman, & R.McDonnell placed 3rd overall.

11-12 B ‘A’ Medley Relay of J.Watson, S.Brown, J.Zeigler, & J.Funari placed 4th overall.

11-12 B ‘B’ Medley Relay of C.Latini, M.Sommeling, C.Overton, & J.Corcoran placed 7th overall.

11-12 G ‘A’ Free Relay of A.Gorman, G.Peters, S.Batastini, & D.McGlade placed 2nd overall.

11-12 G ‘B’ Free Relay of A.Wilson, O.Coffey, G.Buck, & R.McDonnell placed 3rd overall.

11-12 B ‘A’ Free Relay of J.Watson, C.Overton, J.Zeigler, & J.Funari placed 1st overall.

11-12 B ‘B’ Free Relay of K.Hare, M.Sommeling, C.Latini, & J.Corcoran placed 7th overall.