WGB Clothing & Gear Orders now ONLINE and Direct with Team Aquatics!
Glacier Bear swim families can now order your own swim suits, gear and equipment directly from Team Aquatics using your own credit card and have it shipped directly to your address!
You will find the username and password for the new "Team Family and Friends" account when you LOGIN to our website (as a member) and Look under the NEW Clothing TAB for details. Swim families can now purchase through the Team Aquatics website themselves using this login information and will receive team pricing (20% discount). Apparently our swim team benefits from every purchase, as well as there is a bit of a rebate for the club.
*Remember you can take your gear down to Computec in the Calcite Business Centre (Mon.-Friday 9 am - 3 pm) to order your WGB LOGO sewn on. Cost is your responsibility.

NOTEsmiley:  IF you are looking to purchase our own club (with WGB logo) gear, like swim caps, swim suits and in-stock hoodies, and T-shirts, then Email [email protected]

The Team Aquatics link as follows:

Thanks and have fun ordering DIRECTLY for your family and swimmers!
Grainne Workman
Clothing Coordinator