GOLD Group - Winterfest Review

Gold Group Winterfest Review

               We had an awesome weekend at University of Maryland!  We place 2nd overall as a team, and had another long list of great swims and personal bests.

               The Gold Group coaching staff and SJAC are extremely proud of the accomplishments over Winterfest weekend.  Here is the breakdown:

Top 16 Finishes:

Zora Vujovic 50FR 2nd, 100FR 4th, 100BK 1st, 100FL 9th, 100IM 3rd, 200IM 3rd

Georgie Wilson 50FL 1st

JT Funari 500FR 11th  

Annabel Gorman 100FL 7th  

Jack Zeigler 50FL 2nd  

Our Personal Best Times by our swimmers:

500FR: J.Funari

2FR: M.Sommeling, M.Stankus, J.Zeigler

2FL: K.Levinson

2IM: A.Gorman, Z.Vujovic, C.Zane, J.Funari, M.Sommeling, J.Zeigler

1IM: Z.Vujovic

1FR: A.Wilson, D.McGlade, J.Funari, K.Hare, D.Iuvara, M.Sommeling, B.Wagner

1BK: E.Barrett, A.Gorman, G.Urban, Z.Vujovic, R.McDonnell, D.McGlade, J.Funari, B.Wagner, J.Zeigler

1BR: I.Begley, R.McDonnell, C.Zane

1FL: E.Barrett, A.Gorman, L.Hynoski, G.Urban, A.Wilson, C.Overton, R.Sandeen, D.McGlade, L.Monaco, C.Zane, J.Funari, K.Hare, M.Sommeling, M.Zeiler

50FR: J.Funari, D.Iuvara, Z. Vujovic, A.Wilson, C.Overton, R.McDonnell, C.McGlade

50BK: J.Galski, G.Urban, G.Wilson, C.Overton, D.McGlade, L.Monaco, J.Funari, J.Zeigler

50BR: O.Coffey, A.Gorman, R.McDonnell, D.McGlade

50FL: L.Hynoski, A.Wilson, C.Overton, L.Monaco, K.Hare, M.Stankus, J.Zeigler, M.Zeiler

Medley & Free Relays:

Zora Vujovic and Georgie Wilson were part of the 9 & 10G FR Relay that placed 3rd overall.

Zora Vujovic was part of the 9 & 10G Medley Relay that placed 8th overall.

11-12 G ‘A’ Medley Relay of S.Batastini, G.Peters, H.Robinson, & D.McGlade placed 2nd overall.

11-12 B ‘A’ Medley Relay of J.Watson, J.McDonnell, J.Zeigler, & J.Funari placed 1st overall.

11-12 G ‘A’ Free Relay of H.Robinson, G.Peters, A.Wilson, & D.McGlade placed 2nd overall.

11-12 B ‘A’ Free Relay of J.Watson, K.Hare, J.Zeigler, & J.Funari placed 3rd overall.