Swim Suits

(Near the bottom is a notice regarding the list of "legal" suits that can be worn in competition.)

Higher tech suits that extend past the knees or speedo lazers should NOT be worn at age group meets. In L.A / orange county area (like the La mirada meet this weekend) it is a rule and the swimmer will be disqualified if they wear a suit mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph. 

As a team rule "Age group" swimmers (novice through level 4) should only be wearing "regular" suits. What do I mean for the term"regular"?........guys, a speedo Brief or a jammer, girls a normal cut (at the waist) suit, or one that goes to the knees.(special exceptions may be given by the coach for those who are attempting to qualify for Sectionals or higher).

These "high-tech" suits should be saved until the meet is of extremely high importance. Local A/B meets and local Junior Olympics (with the exception listed above) do not qualify as such (even though it may be really important to you at the time).

We want swimmers to place emphasis on what is most important as young swimmers...learning to compete, learning to focus on technique, learning to focus on hard training....You don’t give a formula 1 race car to a teenager to go out and do street racing.

Anyway, enough of my’s the USA swimming ruling and list of legal suits:

USA Swimming adopts revised FINA-approved list  (6/23/2009)

Based on FINA’s ruling Monday, USA Swimming will adopt as legal in general competition, all suits included on the revised FINA-approved list . The list published Monday includes an additional 198 suits, which have been added to the original 202 that were approved.


The saga continues....Senior swimmers, don’t throw away those blueseventy’s...they’re legal again (at least for now). Aquazones did not make the list for now.??? Who knows what will change in the near future........correction the aquazones  are listed as ORVAR / AQUAZONE and are legal.