WGB swim club seeks Sponsorship from our community

Request for Sponsorship

Dear Swim Families,

The Whitehorse Glacier Bears Swim Club is fortunate to have a strong group of parent club members with diverse business backgrounds. Although our club is in good financial shape, the Board has been discussing areas in which business sponsorship could help alleviate some of the rising costs for the club and give businesses some advertising exposure on our website and at the pool.

There are four areas that have been identified for possible sponsorship;

  • As most of you know, our club hosts two swim meets each year. We are looking for businesses or individuals who would be willing to sponsor the food that is provided to the volunteer workers during these meets. The cost for providing food for each meet is approximately $350 - $400. If you or your business would be interested in being a sponsor for one or both of the meets, we would greatly appreciate the support.


  • The official’s booth is rented at a cost of $2400/yr. We would welcome any business or combination of business support.


  • During our meets officials are required to wear matching t-shirts. Providing these t-shirts would be a terrific sponsorship item, with business logos printed on the t-shirts.


  • Some of the swim equipment is getting worn and is showing its age. Fins, flutter boards and lane ropes are all items that need replacing. Sponsorship would be wonderful and most appreciated.


Please contact Johanne Koser, club secretary, or Shelby Workman, club president, if you would like to be a sponsor or have further discussion.

The board is also looking into replacing the time clock/board. This is a high cost item and we are looking out to other sources; Community Development Fund (YTG) and previous sponsors.

Thank you for considering our appeal for sponsorship and we look forward to hearing from you. Your support is important to the swimmers of the Whitehorse Glacier Bears.