GOLD Group - YMCA Bronze Championships Review

Gold of BcY & CcY – YMCA Bronze Championship


            We had an unbelievable weekend at Bronze Champs from our Gold Group swimmers.  We had a total of 29 new Silver Champ qualifiers, 2 new 12&under State qualifiers, and so many swimmers that were so close to making it.  We had an unreal number of personal best swims, as well.  It was so awesome to see our swimmers do so well, and advance to Silver & State Champs in some of their events.  The Gold Group Coaching Staff is so proud of our swimmers that attended this important meet for our team.

Best Time Performances / Silver Qualifiers * / State Qualifiers **

200IM – N.Trent, I.Begley, G.Antonelli, A.Lavery, S.Atzinger *, L.Monaco *, J.Joyce, C.Latini, M.Klenk *, C.Schneider, S.Feeley, A.Cherubino, J.Darmo, K.Levinson, R.Fanelli, T.Trasser, R.Sandeen *, M.Funari

50FR – B.Muli, N.Trent, S.Sinibaldi, K.Preihs, I.Begley *, M.Klenk *, K.Hare *, N.Gogolin, S.Gogolin, S.Feeley, J.Darmo *, A.Hudson, A.Sandeen, R.Sandeen, M.Crysler, T.Trasser, K.Gillooly *, M.Feeley

100FL – I.Begley, K.Preihs, G.Antonelli *, S.Sinibaldi *, C.Schneider, N.Serrano, S.Feeley, J.Benedetto, G.Pelagatti, S.Gogolin, M.Karpousis, R.Fanelli, M.Feeley, M.Funari

50BR – D.Latini, B.Muli, K.Strother, J.Joyce, C.Schneider, C.Latini, A.Lavery

100BK – D.Latini, K.Strother, S.Atzinger, L.Hynoski *, S.Sinibaldi *, L.Monaco **, I.Andino, J.Joyce, M.Klenk, K.Hare *, J.Benedetto, N.Serrano, F.Stewart, E.Aronson, A.Cherubino, C.McGlade, A.Hudson, A.Sandeen, R.Fanelli, T.Trasser, R.Sandeen, K.Gillooly

200BR – A.Cherubino, F.Stewart, C.McGlade, M.Crysler

200FR – F.Stewart, C.McGlade *, R.Fanelli, T.Trasser, A.Sandeen, R.Sandeen, K.Gillooly, M.Crysler, M.Funari

100IM – B.Muli, G.Antonelli *, K.Preihs, I.Begley, B.Eppolito, J.Joyce, E.Gormen *

50FL – N.Trent, S.Atzinger, Sinibaldi **, C.Schneider, J.Joyce, A.Volin *

100FR – D.Latini, B.Muli, K.Strother, S.Atzinger, G.Wheeler, S.Sinibaldi, A.Volin, C.Schneider, C.Latini *, N.Serrano, J.Benedetto, S.Feeley, A.Cherubino, J.Darmo *, C.McGlade *, A.Hudson, R.Fanelli, J.Romero, A.Sandeen, M.Karpousis, M.Crysler, T.Trasser, K.Gillooly *, R.Sandeen

50BK – B.Muli, K.Strother, N.Trent, B.Eppolito *, S.Sinibaldi *, L.Hynoski *, J.Joyce, A.Volin, C.Schneider *

100BR – L.Hynoski, L.Monaco *, G.Antonelli, G.Wheeler *, S.Atzinger *, F.Lawson, C.Latini, N.Serrano, J.Benedetto, A.Cherubino, J.Darmo *, A.Sandeen, M.Crysler, R.Sandeen, T.Trasser

200BK – F.Stewart, A.Hudson, R.Fanelli, M.Karpousis, K.Gillooly, A.Sandeen

200FL – J.Benedetto