Gold Select - JW Sweetheart Meet Review

Gold Select Jersey Wahoos Sweetheart Meet Review

               Gold Select had another outstanding weekend at GCIT for the Jersey Wahoos Sweetheart Meet.  We had 2 team records broken by Holly Robinson in the 11-12 Girls 200IM & 400IM, and Holly placed 1st in all 7 of her events.  Not only that, but we had plenty of personal best times by our group’s swimmers, and many of whom placed scoring points for SJAC in finals. 

Here are our swimmers with personal best swims & those that placed scoring points:

K.Bromley – 200BR (1st), 100FR(11th), 200FR(5th), 100FL(5th), 200FL(3rd), 200IM(4th)

N.Broome – 200IM, 400IM

B.Brown – 100FR, 500FR, 100FL, 200FL, 200IM

K.Cotter – 50FR, 400IM

A.Fanning – 100BR(14th)

S.Haines – 100FR, 100BK, 100BR, 200IM

K.Hines – 200IM, 200FL(6th)

B.Mateo – 100FR, 500FR, 200BK, 100FL

E.Pluckhorn – 200BR, 100FR(13th)

H.Robinson – 200FR(1st), 50BK(1st), 200BK(1st), 200FL(1st), 100IM(1st), 200IM(1st), 400IM (1st)

K.Strachan – 50FR, 50FL, 100IM

M.Strachan – 500FR, 200BR, 200IM

T.Thornton – 200IM

N.DiSanti – 100FR, 500FR, 100BK

P.Gillooly – 100BR

J.Haines – 100BK, 200BK, 100FL, 200FL, 200IM, 400IM

R.Kay – 500FR, 100FL, 200FL

B.Kern – 100BR, 100FL

B.Meagher – 100BK, 400IM(4th), 200FR(15th), 100BR(1st)

N.Montesanti – 100FR(11th), 200BR, 100FL, 200FL(9th)

T.Schurer – 200FL, 200IM

N.Shepard – 100FR, 100BK

Z.Volm – 500FR, 200BK