2014 Season Planning News

Swim & Dive 2014!

The coaches and I are very excited about the upcoming 2014 season for the Sharks!   The planning continues so that that our kids can have a great time. Below is some information to get us all on the same page.  Please let us know if you have any questions by using the contact us section of the web site.

The Schedule:

  1. Tentative Meet Date/Times are posted here (June 11 -July 17th).
  2. Practice will tentatively start the evening of Tuesday May 27th.  Details on practice can be found here:

  1. Parent Meetings
    1. We have a parent rep. meeting very soon in March.  If you are interested in any of the parent rep. positions below please let us know asap! 


  1. We are excited to say we have a new coach/parent rep for diving this year!  Expect a well-run diving season that should be a great learning experience for divers of all skill levels.  More to come here.
  2. We are looking for additional diving help to add to the coaching staff and parents that are willing to learn dive judging positions.  There is a free training class for anyone interested in learning how to judge diving competitions.  June 1st in Clayton.



  1. Our goal this year is to have a well-planned schedule where we cover all aspects of swimming strokes and techniques to advance swimmers from their current level.  Jeremy has a great plan started. Expect to see a lot more detail on this.
  2. This is a new suit year! We are working to select a high quality suit style  (Speedo/TYR ) for our team. We hope to keep the blue/green color.  New suits will be available at registration.  We are also planning to offer some spirit wear this year. 


Parent Representatives:

Want your child to swim for free?  We need your help!  We are looking to create a team of parent reps to manage Fenton Swim and Dive. As a parent rep, one child per family has the opportunity to swim for FREE!  Please contact us for details if you are interested.


  1. Head Parent Rep - Cris Deeter
  2. Head Diving Parent Rep - Aimee Kappler
  3. Lead Computer Parent Rep - TBD
  4. Treasurer - TBD
  5. Marketing & Fundraising - Rita Helgenberg
  6. Work Assignment Parent Rep - TBD
  7. Swim Suit & Social Party Rep - TBD


**While each parent rep will have specific responsibilities, when it comes to adequately representing Fenton Swim & Dive at meets, we will take a team approach. 



  1. Do you own or work for a business looking to market to local families and want a way to advertise?  We may do banners and we have online advertising on our web site here:  Please contact us on the web site for more details. 



Work Assignments:

  1. Signups for work assignments will be online and begin after registration at RiverChase.  Details below in registration.
  2. We will have more details on work assignments to follow, but you can read the descriptions here on web site.



  1. We will do a web site registration again this year.  Returning swimmers family information will still be on the site so registration will be a snap.  We will send an email when we have more detail.
  2. Cost is still being worked out, and will be posted when we have it. 

   3.   You can register on the web site beginning April 19th and ending June 7th.  You will need to pay RiverChase either Saturday April 26th or May 3rd.  During this time, we will have a rep available to help you with getting registered online if you need help.  We will also have a rep to assist with suit fittings and they will be available for purchase. Work assignments will be on a first come, first served basis.  Signing up for them will be made available on the web site starting 10am Saturday May 10th.  No lines and no fuss. 


We have a lot to do, but are very excited to kick off a great year for the Fenton Sharks!!!


Thank you,

Cris Deeter 

Head Parent Rep

Please use the contact us link on the web site for questions.