Travel Info. to attend outside meets

Information for Parents/Families/swimmers travelling to outside meets:

1. You and/or the WGB swim club do not apply to Sport Yukon or Swim Yukon for travel monies to attend swim club meets.
2. The WGB swim club applies to Lotteries Yukon for a travel grant (maximum is $200 for air flight coverage with e-ticket submission to club, OR $0.10/km for driving with gas receipts turned in) for each swimmer. No travel monies are available to cover chaperone or parent expenses. Each swimmer is eligible to receive $200 (maximum) per fiscal year (April 1st -March 31st).

You need to send the swim club a copy of your E-ticket for your swimmer(points ticket costs are also eligible to claim) OR keep gas receipts from your road trip AND submit them to the club's pool office OR to our mail box at Sport Yukon OR by email to [email protected]  using the Expense Claim form when "Signed" into our website under My Account then, "More Information" and then under "Forms/documents".

3. No hotels or food costs or other travel expenses are covered by the swim club for your swimmer or yourself. The club pays all the travel expenses for our coaches to attend the meet. (That's our bingo fundraising monies at work again!)
4. The WGB swim club Travel Assistance Funding has been suspended for the 2015-2016 season due to fiscal restraints the swim club is experiencing at this time.

5. The swim club INITIALLY pays for each registered swimmer's meet fees directly to the hosting swim club after our coach(es) have created the meet entry file for ALL the WGB swimmers attending. Once again, our bingo account/fundraising pays for these meet fees. Attending swim meets requires payment of fees, usually in the range of $6-$15 per event.  There may also be additional fees, for example, BC splash fees are $6 per swimmer attending the meet.  Any meet fees incurred for attendance at our local swim meets (2 major local events; Nov. & May & other Time Trials) will be paid by the Glacier Bears Swim Club.

6. As of Nov. 2015, each swimmer's account will be charged their full meet fees for attending outside meets. Meet fee charges will be posted to their swim family account and an invoice notice will be sent by email. Payment for the swimmer's meets fees is accepted by cash/cheque/e-transfer/VISA before the end of month in which the outside meet occured. 

NOTE:  The outside meet fees will still apply to your swimmer's account even if your swimmer is sick and cannot attend or becomes ill at the event and cannot participate. Meet fees paid by the club are based on the information submitted for your swimmer by the meet deadline.

7. A parent-coach meeting to discuss details on expectations in attending an outside swim meet maybe set up 7-10 days in advance of departure for the meet. Items discussed will be sharing of contact & travel information with the coaches, medical concerns, athlete support for gear and food requirements, parent support and other details. Questions are welcome.

8. Swim families are encouraged to purchase or ensure you and your swimmer have extended medical coverage for travelling outside the Yukon.

Any questions can be directed to a board member or Club Administrator.